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TWU Objectives for Fieldwork II

These objectives map onto the 42 items in AOTA's Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for students.

TWU FW2 Administrative Procedures Manual

This manual includes routine policies and procedures related to TWU's process for recruiting, assigning, confirming and monitoring Level 2 fieldwork placements. The fieldwork coordinator serves as a resource for students and faculty, fieldwork sites and supervisors regarding the logistics of initiating, managing and monitoring outcomes of fieldwork experiences.

Fieldwork II Handbook

This handbook details student related timelines, responsibilities and assignments while on fieldwork. Certification and licensure procedures are outlined, as well as helpful tips for fieldwork success.

Fieldwork Learner Outcomes Checklist

Comprehensive overall learner outcomes are established for each module (semester) in the academic program. The fifth, and final, module is level 2 fieldwork. Fieldwork outcomes are based on the culmination of the student's ever increasing skills. Students engage in a wide variety of practice skills depending on the setting and clientele. A sample of these experiences are listed here to illustrate how fieldwork education supports the academic program.

Fieldwork II Policy on Social Networking

Fieldwork II Fieldwork Experience Dates (2013-2020)

Fieldwork II Course Syllabus

The syllabus outlines course objectives for Level 2 fieldwork experiences, and details student responsibilities and assignments.

Blackboard Discussion Board Criteria

Participation in online discussion boards is one type of student assignment during fieldwork.  A number of possible topics for discussion, plus criteria for posting and responding to posts from other students are outlined here.

Student Evaluation of the Fieldwork Experience

This form is used by students to provide feedback to the School and other students about their experience on a specific rotation. A copy is left with the site's fieldwork educator.


This form is used by the fieldwork site to describe their practice setting, clientele, program characteristics, student responsibilities and pre-requisites. A copy is posted in our FW2 database for faculty and student access.

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