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The 21st Annual Vanderkooi Endowed Lecture School of Occupational Therapy - Dallas

February 7, 2014 

Jane Case-Smith, EdD, OT, FAOTA

Dr. Case-SmithDr. Case-Smith is Professor and Director in the Occupational Therapy Division at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Case-Smith is a strong contributor to research in the area of occupational therapy practice with children.  Her evidence based approach to systematic inquiry has made impact in multiple areas including sensory integration intervention, autism, service delivery and school based models for handwriting instruction.  Dr. Case-Smith’s willingness to grapple with topics close to the heart of occupational therapy practitioners has given her a perspective on the profession that is forward thinking and comprehensive.  Her leadership has been nationally acknowledged by the A Jean Ayres Research Award and her international speaking. Dr. Case-Smith is the editor of the primary text used in occupational therapy education for pediatrics, Occupational Therapy for Children, and has published over 50 articles and 25 chapters.  Texas Woman’s University is honored to have her with us as the 21st Vanderkooi Endowed Lecturer and we look forward to her message on our future roles in the ever-changing landscape of occupational therapy practice.    

About the Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship

The Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship was established in 1994 to honor the first program director of occupational therapy at Texas Woman’s University, Fanny B. Vanderkooi. It celebrates the School of Occupational Therapy’s legacy of commitment to vision, professional values, and leadership development in occupational therapy education, practice and research. This years's event ran very smoothly with 250 in attendance, inclusive of students. 

Founders - Vanderkooi Endowment        Vanderkooi 2014 Advisory Committee
Roland and Virginia Chandler Dykes Lucy Aguirre-Kelley
George and Grace Gilkeson Regina Michael Campbell, Chairperson
Bonnie Strauss Catherine Candler
  Virginia Chandler Dykes
Adele Polk
Bonnie Strauss
Noralyn Pickens

 Previous Vanderkooi Lecturers

1994 Lela Llorens, PhD, OTR
1995 Charles Christiansen, PhD, OTR       
1996 Penney Kyler Hutchinson
1997 Catherine Trombly, PhD, OTR
1998 Carolyn Baum, PhD, OTR
1999 Beatriz Abreu, PhD, OTR
2000 Shereen Farber, PhD, OTR
2001 Linda Fazio, PhD, OTR
2002 Karen Jacobs, EdD, OTR
2003 Barbara Kornblau, JD, OT/L

2004 Patricia Crist, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
2005 Jim Hinojosa, PhD
2006 Suzanne Peloquin, PhD, OTR, FAOTA
2007 Wendy Wood, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
2008 Penelope Moyers, EdD, OTR/L, BCMH, FAOTA
2009 Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
2010 Barbara A. Boyt Schell, PhD, OT, FAOTA
2011 Glen Gillen, EdD, OTR, FAOTA
2012 Florence A. Clark, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
2013 Mary Law, PhD, MSc, BSc





























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