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To be eligible to be considered for progression into upper division (3000-4000 level) nursing courses, students must have completed all of the following:

  1. Been admitted to TWU using the†Texas Common Online (Apply Texas) application. In order to qualify for admission to the upper division program the student must be admitted to TWU. Thus, the student must complete the "Apply Texas" application and submit all transcripts from prior schools to: Office of Admissions Processing, P.O. Box 425649, Denton, TX 76204. Because it takes approximately 6 weeks for the admission to TWU to be completed, we urge students to apply early - at least 6 weeks prior to the College of Nursing application deadline of September 1 or February 1.
  2. (a.) Students seeking their first bachelorís degree: Completed at least 46 hours of required lower-division non-nursing courses by the application deadline to include these selected nursing core prerequisites (Anatomy and Physiology + Labs, 8 hours; Chemistry + Lab, 4 hours; Microbiology + Lab, 4 hours; Developmental/Lifespan Psychology, 3 hours; Nutrition, 3 hours; and Statistics 3 hours) and be able to complete all 58 hours of the lower division course work specified in the degree plan except for Multicultural Womenís Studies (3 hours) before beginning nursing courses. (b.) Students seeking a second or subsequent bachelorís degree: Completed, by the application deadline, the 25 hours of nursing core prerequisites (Anatomy and Physiology + Labs, 8 hours; Chemistry + Lab, 4 hours; Microbiology + Lab, 4 hours; Developmental/Lifespan Psychology, 3 hours; Nutrition, 3 hours; and Statistics 3 hours) and be able to complete all 37 hours of the lower division course work specified in the degree plan before beginning nursing courses. The College of Nursing STRONGLY advises potential nursing applicants to visit with a College of Nursing advisor either in person or by phone at least one semester prior to applying to the nursing program. The purpose of this advising is to ensure that the student has met all prerequisites. The student should send all transcripts, including out-of-state transcripts, to the advisors prior to talking with them.
  3. A minimum grade of ďCĒ in Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and Microbiology, including all labs. (If a student has not taken Anatomy and Physiology I and II before fall 2009, the student must take the sections designated for science majors.) Credit will only be given for Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Microbiology taken within the past 5 years. That is, if a student is applying by the February 1, 2014 deadline for Fall 2014 admission to nursing, they must have taken A&P I, II and Microbiology during the spring of 2009 or later. If the student already has an approved bachelorís degree in science and took the required science prerequisites as part of that degree, they are exempted from the 5-year rule. Students whose prior bachelorís degree grants an exemption of the 5-year expiration date, but whose applicable bachelorís degree is over 10 years old, may elect to use the†10-year degree form [pdf] in order to improve their grades in older courses. Completion of the form means that the A&P I, II and Microbiology courses taken in the approved bachelor's degree and listed on that form will no longer be considered applicable toward the nursing prerequisites. They will be considered expired, as they would for anyone without an approved degree/major. The classes can then be retaken to try for an "A" so that "first attempt" preference may be earned and the new grade can be used to calculate the GPA.
  4. A minimum GPA of at least 3.0 on the required lower-division prerequisite courses. Only prerequisite courses are calculated into the GPA. Other courses that an applicant may have taken are not considered towards admission to the nursing program. If a prerequisite course is taken more than once, the most recent grade received will be counted in calculating the GPA;
    1. Instructions for Calculating GPA†[Word]
    2. GPA Calculation Worksheet†[xls]
  5. Successfully pass the†TEAS V Entrance Exam before application and admission to upper division nursing courses. Entrance testing results must be submitted to the TWU College of Nursing by application dates. It is the applicant's responsibility to inform the testing agency at the time of registration to forward their score to TWU. An applicant is allowed to take the entrance test only once before each deadline date. If the test is taken more than once in the same application period, only the first score will be considered.
  6. (a.) Submitted to the College of Nursing a completed application for upper division nursing with the required nursing processing fee, and (b.) Submitted to TWU Office of Admissions Processing in Denton, official transcripts from all colleges attended postmarked no later than one of the following College of Nursing application deadlines of September 1 or February 1.

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