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Sample Plan

Total hours required:  60 credit hours beyond the Master’s degree, including 6 hours for dissertation.

Major: 30 hours plus dissertation. 

Major courses include:  

NURS 6023  Philosophy of Nursing Science

NURS 6002  Multicultural Nursing

NURS 6053  Exploring Scholarship

NURS 6033  Ethical Dimensions of Nursing

NURS 6043  Power, Policy, and Politics

NURS 6004  Theory and Foundations of Nursing Research

NURS 6014  Theory and Methods of Quantitative Research

NURS 6024  Theory and Methods of Qualitative Research

NURS 6034  Research/ Theory Synthesis 

Free Electives: 18 hours

Women’s Health Elective: 3 hours

Education Elective: 3 hours

Research Tools:  To complete the first research tool requirement, students must take statistics.  The student must complete 6 hours of graduate level statistics.  To complete the second research tool, the student must take 6 semester hours from one of the following areas:  Informatics in Health Care, Global Citizenship, Professional Writing, Instrumentation, Population Health & Epidemiology, or Information Retrieval. 

Credit hours for research tools do not count toward the total hours required for the degree.

Degree Plans

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