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Admission Requirements

Applicants to the post-master's certification track in nursing education must possess a master's degree in nursing with a defined clinical focus, i.e., Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Psychology, etc. Neither the GRE nor the MAT is required for admission.

Program Description

The College of Nursing developed a post-master's education-focused track. This track is designed for students who hold a master's degree in nursing (MS or MSN) with a defined clinical specialty focus of study. The purpose of the track is to prepare educators to assume positions in the areas of staff development, continuing education, or academia. Settings for these positions include clinics, hospital settings, out-patient facilities, businesses, schools, and two- or four-year nursing programs.

Program Objectives

The objectives of this proposed track form the role expectations of the nurse educator:

  1. Practice as a nursing educator in a variety of educational settings including public institutions
  2. Develop curriculum and curriculum designs appropriate to the educational setting and relevant theory and research
  3. Commit to lifelong learning in order to meet advances in health care
  4. Provide leadership in meeting the educational needs of a culturally diverse population
  5. Use teaching-learning theories and concepts of health protection, promotion, and maintenance to address the needs of relevant cultures


Post-master's study in nursing education involves the completion of 15 credit hours of instruction.

Required Courses: 9 Credit Hours

NURS. 5203 Theoretical Bases for Nursing Education

Overview of education and theories of teaching and learning related to nursing education and practice. Focus is on general categories of cognitive and behavioral theories. Selection of appropriate teaching/learning theories to address the needs of the culturally diverse groups and individuals. Three lecture hours a week. 3 Credit Hours.

NURS. 5253 Curriculum Design and Management in Nursing

Focuses on nursing curriculum design from mission statement and philosophy. Includes examination of a variety of conceptual frameworks and their appropriateness for various settings, students, and knowledge component (curriculum elements).
Emphasis on curriculum development at institutional level, course level, and individual class level in academic and clinical settings. Three lecture hours a week. 3 Credit Hours.

NURS. 5293 Teaching Practicum in Nursing

Application of the nurse's role as teacher in education setting of choice: academia, staff development, or patient education. Focus is on integration of theory and practice of education role with socialization into the role of nurse educator. Nine practicum hours a week. 3 Credit Hours.

Elective Courses: 6 Credit Hours

Students may select 2 of the 3 elective educational courses:

NURS. 5263 Educational Communication and Technologies of Instruction

Selection, use, and evaluation of communication techniques and technology in various nursing educational settings. Includes traditional classroom teaching techniques of lecture, discussion, small group projects, forums, seminars, and use of audio-visuals, plus, utilization of computer-based instruction and distance education techniques. Three lecture hours a week. 3 Credit Hours.

NURS. 5273 Measurement and Assessment in Nursing

Selection and preparation of a variety of methodologies to assess learning. Application of educational statistics to evaluate various forms of testing and to measure learning. Includes item analysis of standardized and teacher-made exams. Work with on-campus faculty for mastery of content. Three lecture hours a week. 3 Credit Hours.

NURS. 5283 Evaluation Models for Curriculum Management

Civilization of various evaluation models to assess learner achievement, faculty or teacher performance, achievement of course objectives, and measurement of program outcomes in academic and clinical settings. Examination of accreditation models. Three lecture hours a week. 3 Credit Hours.

Sample Program Plan - Part Time

Semester I

Semester II
Theoretical Bases for Nursing Education (3) Elective (3)
Curriculum Design & Management in Nursing (3) Teaching Practicum in Nursing (3)

Electives (3) Fall, Spring or Summer

U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

Nursing Education

Contacts by Location

The Nursing Education program is offered at all of the College of Nursing locations.

Dallas Center
Dr. Susan Sheriff
MS and Post-MS
Program Coordinator
(214) 689-6522

Houston Center
Dr. Brenda Binder
MS and Post-MS
Program Coordinator
(713) 794-2887

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