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College of Nursing General Questions

Is financial aid available for nursing students?
Yes, financial aid is available for nursing students. For more information about financial aid, please go to the Office of Financial Aid.

How much does it cost to attend TWU?
Please see the Office of Financial Aid site and/or the Tuition and Fees Estimator site for information on tuition costs.

Will I be required to get immunizations?
Both undergraduate and masters students are required to comply with the university policy regarding immunizations. Information about specific immunizations is available at Student Health Services site.

Will I be required to have insurance?
Both undergraduate and masters students are required to have professional liability insurance purchased through a student group policy. The cost of the malpractice insurance is part of your student fees when registering for a clinical nursing course. Some clinical facilities may require students to have health insurance before beginning clinical experience at their facilities.

Will I be required to take a drug test or complete a criminal background screening?
Yes, undergraduate and masters students are required to meet agency requirements for completion of a drug test and criminal background screening. Undergraduate students do this as part of the process after admitted to upper division.

Are there dormitories available in either Dallas or Houston?
No, there are no dormitories on the Dallas or Houston campuses. However, for students attending the Denton or Dallas campuses, dormitories are available on the Denton campus.

Bachelor of Science (BS) FAQ

What is the lowest GPA needed to be admitted to the nursing program?
A GPA of 3.0 on the required prerequisite courses is necessary to be eligible to be considered for admission to the nursing program. The elective is not included in the calculation of the GPA. Admission to the nursing program is competitive and the cutoff GPA varies each semester based on the applicant pool.

Is the GPA the only requirement for admission to upper division nursing?
No, admission to upper division nursing courses is based on prerequisite GPA and entrance exam scores. Additional consideration is given to those who earn at least 32 hours of their prerequisite courses from TWU prior to the application deadline, and those who have already earned a prior bachelorís degree.

How do I know what my GPA is?
You may calculate your GPA using the appropriate worksheet found on the Current and Prospective Students website.

If a prerequisite course is repeated, which grade is used in calculating the GPA?
The College of Nursing will use the most recent grade earned on a repeated prerequisite course, regardless of whether it is higher or lower.

If I take 2 or more different courses to satisfy a core requirement, which course is used in calculating my prerequisite GPA?
If two or more different courses have been taken to satisfy a core requirement, such as fine arts, humanities, or multicultural womenís studies, we will use the course in which you earned the highest grade towards your nursing prerequisite GPA.

Where can I take the entrance examination?
The TEAS entrance exam may be taken at any location officially supported by ATI. Visit the Entrance Exam page for more information on the exam.

How many, and how often, does TWU admit students?
Approximately 130 students per campus are admitted to the traditional undergraduate program twice a year in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Neither semester is more competitive than the other. The Weekend/Evening program admits approximately 30 students once a  year, to start each Fall semester.

Can I take courses at another college or university and then transfer to the TWU nursing program?
Yes, you can take the prerequisite courses at an accredited college or university. Please see the equivalency charts for a list of the most commonly attended transfer institutions. 

Will a course in Anatomy (only) or Physiology (only) substitute for one of the 2 required Anatomy and Physiology courses?
No. TWU requires a matched set of Anatomy and Physiology, since students miss some of the content by mixing the two different sequences. We will accept the other sequence in lieu of A&P I and II, but only if they are both transferred in to TWU together. If you take Anatomy, you must also take the corresponding Physiology (or vice versa). If you take Anatomy and Physiology I, you need to follow it up with Anatomy and Physiology II.

Can I transfer nursing courses to the TWU nursing program?
Possibly. If you have completed courses at another nursing program, you will need to submit a complete syllabus for each course along with a letter from the Dean or Director of the previous program stating you are eligible to continue in, or return to, that program. Credit will only be awarded if the courses are evaluated as equivalent in content and course level and were completed at a nationally accredited nursing program within the last five years with a grade of C or better.

When will I find out if I have been accepted to the College of Nursing?
Acceptance letters are generally sent out approximately 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

What courses fulfill the Multicultural Women's Studies core requirement?
There are many courses that meet this requirement. If you are a current TWU student, please see your advisor or the catalog for more information on which courses meet this requirement. 

Do you have an age limit for prerequisite courses? or How old can my prerequisites be?
No. As of February 2015, there are no restrictions on the age of prerequisite courses. 

Does a "D" transfer?
A grade of D transfers as credit. However, Ds (and Fs) substantially lower the GPA below the 3.0 required for application and admittance into the upper division nursing program. A minimum grade of C is required in the science courses (Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I and II, and Microbiology).

Are letters of recommendation required for acceptance into the upper division nursing major?

If I am not accepted, do I have to re-apply the next semester?
Yes. Applications are not transferable to the next semester. You must resubmit a College of Nursing application with the application fee if you wish to be considered for another semester. Documentation of additional coursework must also be updated.

When will I do clinicals?
Full time students will enroll in clinical courses during the first semester in the nursing program.

What immunizations/health screenings are required for the TWU nursing program?
All students in nursing are required to have been immunized against measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B and have annual TB skin testing. Proof of immunizations will be required at the time of admission to upper division nursing courses. Texas Womanís University does not require HIV testing of students; however, some clinical agencies with which the College of Nursing affiliates for student clinical experience may require such testing.

Will I need transportation while in the nursing program?
Yes, you will need transportation to class and clinicals.

What hospitals are used for student learning experiences?
Students in Dallas have clinical experiences throughout the DFW metroplex. Students in Houston have clinical experiences throughout the Texas Medical Center and the surrounding Houston area. Students will have some choice in which of our partner hospitals they are assigned for clinicals.

Is there a separate application to nursing?
Yes, the application to upper division nursing is a separate application. 

Where do I find my TWU ID Number that is required for my NursingCAS application?
You can find your 7 digit TWU Student ID number in your Pioneer Portal account. Create your Pioneer Portal account.

How do I register for a Pioneer Portal account so I can review my official TWU transcript?
Set up your Pioneer Portal account. Once you have set up your Pioneer Portal account, you can view your TWU transcript by clicking on My Info on the left side and then clicking on Transcript. After you have sent your official transcripts to Office of Admissions Processing, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and posting of your records to your TWU transcript. If your TWU transcript does not contain all of your previous course information from your submitted official transcript(s), call the Office of Admissions Processing at 940-898-3073.

RN to BS & RN to MS FAQ

Do I get credit for my work experience?
Yes, 28 hours of course credit is awarded to those individuals who have a current license to practice as a registered nursing in Texas and are eligible to enroll in upper division courses. Additionally, several courses may be challenged for credit if the RN meets the criteria.

Can I take any of the courses online?
The didactic portion of the RN-BS program is on-line. Two of the courses (NURS 4614 & NURS 4823) contain nontraditional clinical components that are accomplished through a combination of class projects and a clinical evidence based capstone in collaboration with a preceptor.

What is the minimum GPA I need to be admitted to the RN/BS and RN/MS programs?
You are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA to be admitted to the RN/BS program. You are required to have a 3.0 GPA on all prerequisite courses and on the nursing courses completed for the associate degree or diploma. For the RN-MS program, you must meet admission requirements for admission to the Masterís degree program except for having a BS in nursing; you must have a 3.0 or above on the last 60 hours of coursework toward your BS in nursing degree.

Are courses offered during the evening?
Because didactic courses are now online, there are no class meetings. Two of the courses (NURS 4614 & NURS 4823) contain nontraditional clinical components that are accomplished through a combination of class projects and a clinical evidence based capstone in collaboration with a preceptor.

How long does the program take?
The program takes approximately 1 year (fall, spring, summer) if enrolled full time and 2 years if enrolled part time. For RN-MS students, the MS program will take an additional 1 ½ to 3 years, depending on how rapidly you move through the program.

Do you have an age limit for prerequisite courses? or How old can my prerequisites be?
As long as you are practicing nursing, there is no limit to prerequisites.

Master's Program (MS) FAQ

Can I be enrolled in the masters program part time?
Yes, you can be enrolled part time. Many of our students are able to work full time and attend classes part time. However, during the clinical courses it is recommended that students work only part time. You may begin the program in Spring or Fall and take non-clinical courses part time.

I have taken graduate nursing courses at another school, will they transfer to TWU?
Possibly. Evidence of eligibility to continue in the previous masters program will need to be provided.  A maximum of nine hours will be considered for transfer. A grade of B or higher in each course is necessary for credit to be considered for transfer. You will also need to submit the course syllabus for review and approval to the Masters Program Coordinator on the campus to which you are applying.

Is there a math requirement for the graduate program?
Yes, you are required to have completed a basic (undergraduate) statistics course.

Are there two separate applications?
No. There is only one application to the Texas Woman's University Graduate School. There is not a separate application to the College of Nursing.

Will I be required to purchase equipment for the program?
Yes, you will be required to have a stethoscope, lab coat, and a TWU name tag. You will have the opportunity to purchase a diagnostic set during the Advanced Assessment course. This purchase is optional.

When and where will I do clinicals?
You will begin the clinical component of the program after you have completed most of the core courses. The student may be responsible for finding preceptors for the clinical portion of the program.

Will I need to take an entrance exam to be admitted to the graduate program?
Yes, currently you will be required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT). All students must take the GRE or MAT, regardless of GPA. Only students with a previous master's degree will be exempt from this requirement. There is not a minimum score required on the test to be considered for admission.

Are any of the courses online?
Yes, some courses are partially online and others are more than half online, depending on which campus the student attends. The Masters Program Coordinator on the campus to which you are applying can provide specific information. By definition, courses with 51% or more are considered online.

How many days per week will I be required to attend courses?
That varies from campus to campus. The Masters Program Coordinator on the campus to which you are applying can provide specific information.

Am I required to have had clinical experience to start the program?
Prior to enrollment in the first clinical course, the student must have completed the equivalent of one year of full time clinical experience as a registered nurse. Students may enroll in the non-clinical didactic courses before they have completed this requirement.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) FAQ

Who is eligible to apply for admission to the DNP program?
Certified Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse Midwives with master's degrees in nursing who qualify for licensure as Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) in Texas.

What about BS or BSN to DNP programs?
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has indicated that for state universities in Texas, the preferred entry for DNP education should be certified master's prepared APNs.

What about Clinical Nurse Specialists or nurses with master's preparation in administration or education?
At this time, the TWU DNP will only admit APNs who are certified NPs or CNMS.

How is this different from master's APN preparation?
The DNP curriculum broadens and expands on the skills of the master's prepared Advanced Practice Nurse to include:

  • Enhanced clinical expertise that includes both inpatient and ambulatory settings, health promotion, and management of acute and chronic disorders.

  • Implementation of healthcare informatics technologies

  • Increased depth in the application of scientific advances (e.g., genetics) and health care organizational concepts to nursing practice

  • Expertise in evaluating outcomes of care

What are the admission requirements?
Please see DNP Admission Requirements.

What about the GRE or MAT?
You must submit the scores of one of these examinations. You do not have to retake the test if you have already taken it in the past. You may submit past scores. If your master's GPA is 3.0 to <3.5, these scores may be considered along with other requirements for admission.

What about the graduate statistics requirement?
A course in statistics at the graduate level is required. This course may be taken at any university, as long as it is a graduate level statistics course. Statistics is a prerequisite for the DNP courses that have a research component. These courses are currently planned for the Spring Semester. Provisional DNP admission is possible, without completion of graduate statistics, before these courses commence. However, the graduate statistics course must be taken prior to taking the first research course in the curriculum. If the graduate statistics course you have taken or are considering is not a pure statistics course, please submit the course syllabus to Dr. Peggy Mancuso for review and recommendation.

Will the courses be online and how will the courses be scheduled?
Many of the support courses or current PhD courses are completely online or have substantial online components. We are currently completing the details of scheduling the DNP curriculum. When it is possible, we expect to "cluster" classes so they will meet once a month.

What about clinical practicums?
DNP students may be able to use clinical sites close to their homes, depending upon available facilities.

What about interviews?
All candidates who are being considered for admission will be interviewed following submission of application.

Doctoral Program (PhD) FAQ

How often are students admitted to the nursing Ph.D. program?
Students may enter the program during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. While slots may not be available in required, sequenced courses, students may begin taking electives and research tools after admission.

Can students who apply to one campus (Denton or Houston) take courses at the other campus?
Yes, the TWU Nursing Ph.D. program is the same in both Denton and Houston. Students may take courses at whichever campus is most convenient to them in a given semester. They must, however, be advised into the courses by the Doctoral Program Coordinator on the campus at which they want to take the course(s). This may mean that they will need to be advised by both doctoral program coordinators if they are taking courses at both locations.

Is the Nursing Ph.D. an Internet program?
The Denton campus PhD program is 100% online. The Houston campus PhD program is partially online.

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