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Cass Faculty Awards for Distinction in Service, Research, and Teaching were first bestowed in 2004. Susan Cass, MS, RN, FNP, earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing at TWU and currently is a cardiology-cardiovascular nurse at Boone Hospital Center in Columbia, Mo., and an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College.

“I feel very strongly that I received a superb nursing education from TWU,” Susan Cass said. “I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have had professionally if it weren’t for the faculty at TWU".

Because of her strong commitment to the mission of TWU College of Nursing, Susan established a fund to award TWU College of Nursing faculty awards for Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Research, and Excellence in Service. Each recipient is also presented with a $2000 stipend.

2012 Award Winners
  • Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Brenda Binder, Excellence in Research
  • Ms. Ann St. Germain, Excellence in Teaching
2011 Award Winners
  • Dr. Gloria Byrd, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Susan Chaney, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Sandra Cesario, Excellence in Teaching
2010 Award Winners
  • Dr. Vicki Zeigler, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Michelle Cho, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Charlotte Stephenson, Excellence in Teaching
2009 Award Winners
  • Dr. Donna Sauls, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Ann Malecha, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Sharon VanSell, Excellence in Teaching
2008 Award Winners
  • Dr. Diane Montgomery, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Susan Sheriff, Excellence in Research
  • Mrs. Margaret Peters, Excellence in Teaching
2007 Award Winners
  • Dr. Susan Chaney, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Judith McFarlane, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Kathryn Tart, Excellence in Teaching
2006 Award Winners
  • Dr. Robin Britt, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Janet Foster, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Carol Arnold, Excellence in Teaching
2005 Award Winners
  • Dr. Sandra Cesario, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Gail Davis, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Sally Northam, Excellence in Teaching
2004 Award Winners
  • Dr. Sally Northam, Excellence in Service
  • Dr. Lene Symes, Excellence in Research
  • Dr. Peggy Mancuso, Excellence in Teaching

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