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A four-year curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in nursing. Academic and clinical programs provide students with a sound knowledge base and a wide variety of clinical experiences. Graduates are highly successful in passing the licensure examination on the first attempt; the college's pass rate consistently exceeds both state and national average pass rates. The BS prepares professional nurses to work in settings such as clinics, home health agencies, preventive care services, public schools, and hospitals. The curriculum builds upon a foundation of liberal arts, sciences and nursing to produce a graduate who will be able to:
  1. Deliver nursing care focused on caring and competency in professional knowledge, skills and values for culturally diverse populations across the life span and health continuum.
  2. Exhibit professional and personal responsibility and accountability in provision of nursing care.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking and clinical decision making in the delivery, coordination and collaboration of nursing care.
  4. Utilize effective systematic inquiry based on research and best evidence to provide safe patient centered care and continuous quality improvement.
  5. Incorporate effective communication, collaboration and advocacy in working with patients, families, groups, communities and the health care team for improving health care outcomes.
  6. Demonstrate beginning leadership and patient-centered care in a health care system that is influenced by health policy, finance and regulatory environment.

(Already an RN by way of an associate’s degree or diploma program? See our RN-BS or RN-MS program.)

Required Courses

The first 2 years of the BS program consist of non-nursing prerequisite courses (taught at the Denton campus), which are the essential foundation for nursing courses. Upper-division nursing courses are taught at either the Dallas or Houston center for the last 2 years. The following courses are required for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing.

120 Hour Program

Prerequisite courses (Freshman/Sophomore)

Upper-Division Nursing courses (Junior/Senior)

ENG 1013 & 1023*

BIOL 4344 Policy (pdf)

HIST 1013 & 1023

NURS 3005

PSY 1013*

NURS 3025

Math or Wellness Core Option*

NURS 3035

PSY 1603

NURS 3612

MATH 1703

NURS 3614

Chemistry with Lab (4 hrs.)

NURS 3813

BACT 1001 & 1003

NURS 4026

ZOOL 2011 & 2013

NURS 4045

ZOOL 2021 & 2023

NURS 4055

GOV 2013 & 2023

NURS 4602

NFS 2323

NURS 4612

Multicultural Women’s Studies (3 hrs.)*

NURS 4614

Language, Philosophy & Culture (3 hrs.)*

NURS 4615

Creative Arts (3 hrs.)*

NURS 4803

Nursing Elective

* Not required of students who have a prior bachelor’s degree.

Sample Degree Plan - Traditional BS Program Undergraduate 
Sample Degree Plan - Traditional BS Program Post-Baccalaureate (2nd Bachelor’s)
Sample Degree Plan - Weekend/Evening BS Program Undergraduate
Sample Degree Plan - Weekend/Evening BS Program Post-Baccalaureate (2nd Bachelor's)

Application to Upper-Division Nursing

A student is ready to apply to the upper-division nursing program after successfully completing (and transferring, if applicable) 46 hours of the nursing prerequisites (25 hours for post-baccalaureates), which must include the following courses:

  • Developmental Psychology (Lifespan)
  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Elementary Statistics I
  • Anatomy & Physiology I and II  (Grade of “C” or above)
  • Microbiology (Grade of “C” or above)
  • Chemistry (Grade of “C” or above)

TWU College of Nursing requires a two-semester sequence of Human Anatomy and Physiology that is the version offered to science majors.  Coursework that claims to cover the full scope of A&P in one semester or that is offered for non-science majors, will not be accepted towards the nursing requirement.

Admission is based upon the following criteria:

  • Prerequisite GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • TEAS score of 64% or higher on all sections
  • Additional consideration is given to those who earn at least 32 hours of their prerequisite courses from TWU prior to the application deadline, and those who have already earned a prior bachelor’s degree.

The program is highly competitive, so the higher a student’s GPA and TEAS scores, the greater chance of being admitted to the program. The average GPA and TEAS scores of those who are admitted are well above the minimums necessary to be considered.

How to Apply

  1. You must be a current TWU student to submit an application. If you are not a TWU student, apply to TWU at least 6 weeks prior to the College of Nursing application deadlines below. Submit official transcripts from all previous colleges to: Office of Admissions Processing, P.O. Box 425649, Denton, TX 76204. If you are currently enrolled in coursework at another institution at the time of application to TWU, please remember to send UPDATED official transcripts to TWU upon completion of the coursework.
  2. After you are admitted to the university, complete the application to upper-division nursing through NursingCAS.  You will need to create an account in NursingCAS (, select the TWU BSN (Pre-Licensure) program, complete all questions, submit necessary documents, and submit with the $45 application fee.  For information on how to complete the NursingCAS application, please click here.
  3. Request that ATI send your TEAS Entrance Exam scores to TWU. Scores will not be accepted directly from the applicant.

All materials must be received by the nursing application deadline, regardless of order received.  NursingCAS will not forward any application to TWU for admission consideration until it is complete.  Applications will be processed by TWU staff when received, but no rankings will be done to determine admission status until after the deadline has passed.  All contact about your application, including program acceptance or denial, will be sent through your NursingCAS account.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring semester: August 15 (Traditional Only)
  • Fall semester: February 1 (Traditional and Weekend/Evening)

Contacts by Location


TO SCHEDULE AN ADVISING APPOINTMENT, please see contacts below.

Denton Campus Dallas Center Houston Center

Lower Division-Pre-nursing
(940) 898-2401

Heather Close





Jeff Ray


Wylijanna Cole


Click here to schedule an academic advising appointment with one of the advisors on the Denton campus.







Upper Division Nursing

Weekend/Evening Program

Ashley Bonner

Appointment scheduling available online (click appropriate link below):

Traditional or Weekend/Evening In-Person Appointment

Traditional or Weekend/Evening Phone Appointment

Upper Division Nursing

Send inquiries to: 


Call 940-898-2401 to schedule a telephone appointment with a nursing advisor.

Current TWU students are encouraged to meet with a nursing advisor once a semester to make sure they are on track to apply. Students taking their prerequisites elsewhere are also encouraged to schedule an advising appointment at least once before applying to make sure coursework will transfer as expected, and all other requirements have been met. Denton advisors will advise on prerequisites and application procedures regardless of which campus the student desires to attend.

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