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Colleges and universities recommend individuals for teacher certification, but certification is granted by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Requirements for initial teacher certification in Texas include earning a baccalaureate degree, completing an approved educator preparation program, passing a minimum of two examinations, one in content and one that covers instruction and professional responsibilities (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility exams, or PPR exams), and being recommended by an approved educator preparation program.

The teacher certification process in Texas is an online system and paper applications are not accepted. Please note, also, that it is your responsibility to apply for certification through TEA. It cannot be initiated by the university. This should be done toward the end of your final semester in the M.A.T. program, just prior to graduation.

For information on the general certification requirements and procedures in Texas go to General Requirements and Procedures for Certification. For information on certification requirements and procedures specific to TWU, Certification Requirements and Procedures.

If you have other questions regarding teacher certification that have not been answered, please contact the Office of Student Support Services within the College of Professional Education.

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