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In order to be admitted to the M.A.T. program you will need to meet the following criteria:
  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • A 3.0 or higher GPA on the last 60 semester hours of coursework
  • A 2.75 or higher GPA on all previous college work 
  • 12-15 hours of coursework-if pursuing a specific content area
  • A completed application
  • Pre-Admission interview with assigned faculty advisor
  • Signed Commitment Contract acknowledging awareness and understanding of the Dispositions Policy and Educators' Code of Ethics
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of admission to the Teacher Education Program

Important Note: Graduates of universities outside of the United States where English is not the language of instruction must pass the speaking portion of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a score of at least 26 if your coursework for the previously completed degree was not delivered in English.

When you have met the above criteria complete the following steps for the M.A.T. admissions process.

  • Complete the Texas Common Application for graduate admission online at A nonrefundable application fee of $50 required of each applicant. (The fee is $75 for international students.)
  • Submit official transcripts from each college or university attended (no copies accepted) to Office of Admissions Processing, TWU, P.O. Box 425649, Denton, TX 76204-5649.

Important Note:

All admission decesions are based on successful completion of the above requirements. Convinction of a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation may affect certification. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Texas Education Agency at Any previous or current issues of academic dishonesty, disruptive behavior, or professional dispositions infractions at TWU, another university, or another Educator Preparation Program may result in denial of admission. Any decesions may be appealed by contacting the Director of Student Support Services at 940-898-2829.

Once you have completed the above process you will receive notification from the Graduate School regarding the status of your application. If you have any questions about the process or need more information e-mail us at or call 940-898-2207.

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