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When looking for an article you will usually be looking for a journal or newspaper article. The TWU†library subscribes to thousands of journals and newspapers, both electronically and in print.†

To find JOURNAL ARTICLES †about a specific topic or keyword:

Select databases from the Databases A-Z Title List †to find articles about a specific topic or keyword.† The Libraries subscribe to many different databases most of which contain citations to journal articles. Many databases link to the full-text of the journal articles.† Search for Journal Articles by keyword, author, article title, or other citation information.†

If you know which database you want, you can begin with the Databases A-Z Title List. If you are not sure which database is best† for your research, you should refer to the†Subject LibGuides† or start your search with Academic Search Complete which is †a good database to search for general articles on almost any topic.†

Example from the database: Academic Search Complete
Female college students' attitudes about body image and food labels and how they affect purchasing behavior. (includes abstract); Fawkes K; Levy J; Terry K; Edelstein S; Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 2010 Apr-Jun; 25 (2): 165-71 (journal article - research, tables/charts) ISSN: 0883-5691 CINAHL AN: 2010671320
Subjects: Body Image; Diet; Food Labeling; Food Services; Health Behavior; Health Knowledge; Students, College; Female


If you are looking for NEWSPAPER ARTICLES, you can search these databases: Newspaper Source, NewsBank Full Text Texas Newspapers† or LexisNexis.†Journals and Newspapers are often available through the internet.† The Librariesí Internet Reference Sources webpage includes links to Journals and Magazines and Newspapers.

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