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Faculty Reserve Materials Request Forms

  • Faculty Reserve Request Form 2 (Personal Materials) 

    1. If materials are books Owned by the Library, provide the title, author, and call number of the materials and we will pull them off the shelves.
    2. If material is checked out, we will recall and notify you when the material is put on Reserve.
    3. If the materials are Journal Articles, you need to provide copies for us to put on reserve.
    4. If the material is not owned by the library, but You Own It, you may put your copy on reserve.
    **If the material is NOT OWNED by the Library, we can order it, but materials for reserve CANNOT be obtained via Interlibrary Loan.
    5. Reserve items include books, journal articles, media, and other research materials. All other items should be submitted to campus circulation staff for review and approval by the TWU Libraries. Acceptance of non-standard reserve items is based on space availability, security issues, and privacy/confidentiality requirements.
    6. Media and Children's collection materials that are on reserve in Denton can be found at the Reserve Desk on
    Level 1.
    7. The library assumes no responsibility for theft or mutilation of personal copies of materials that faculty/academic staff place on reserve.

    Contact Info:
    If you have any questions, please contact the Denton Circulation Department:
    Phone: 940-898-3719

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