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First Floor Main Exhibit

Ted Manser Commercial Art Drawings

The Commercial Art of Ted Manser

Selections from the Ted Manser Collection.

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First Floor Wall Case Exhibit

33 Years of TWU Athletics

TWU Athletics

33 Years of Academic Excellence!

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Second Floor Main Exhibit

Celebrating 100 Years of the TWU Lasso

Walk through an exhibit featuring 100 years of Lasso student newspaper memories.

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Second Floor Exhibit

Going to the Chapel: Weddings at TWU

Dresses, photographs, books and memorabilia from weddings in The Little Chapel-in-the-Woods.

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Second Floor Wall Case Exhibits

The Barbie Doll Empire and Women's Equality Day

Celebrating the empire of Barbie throughout the decades, and the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution granting women the right to vote.

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Other Displays

Cooking Table: Cajun Food

Recreational Reading: Back to School

Recommended Reading List (pdf)

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