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This form is used when you have an item still charged to your library account after you have returned the item to the library.

This request will not be processed for items more than 30 days overdue. All library communications will be sent to your TWU email account. Please forward your TWU email to another account if necessary.

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Claimed Return Policy

If an item is charged to your library account after you have returned it, then a patron should file a Claimed Return Form, either online or at one of the Circulation Desks. The form can only be used for items that are less than 30 days overdue. Once the form is completed, the Circulation Department will periodically search for the item for 30 days. If the item is located by the Library staff, it will be checked in and removed from the patron's record. If the patron finds the item, he or she should return it to a Circulation Desk. If the item cannot be found, the patron's account will be charged a minimum of $50 for a book and $100 for media, along with a $10 non-refundable processing fee and all accumulated fines (maximum $11.00). If the actual item cost is significantly higher than the established default fee, Library staff may increase the replacement price to reflect the actual cost of the item, as determined from available sources of cost information. .

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