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Ph.D. Program Inquiries

Send inquiries related to the Ph.D. Program in Sport Management to Dr. Gwen Weatherford.
Gwen Weatherford

Gwendolyn Weatherford, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Sport Management 
Pioneer Hall 208F
(940) 898-2584


Sport Management Program

PhD in Kinesiology
Sport Management Specialization
Tab Sheet

96 hours

Kinesiology Requirements (28 hours)

Research Tools     12 hours

Research Tools are approved at the discretion of the student’s advisory committee. Examples of courses that meet the research tools requirement are below. It should be noted that sport management students may also utilize research courses from Business, Management, or a related discipline to fulfill this requirement.

KINS 5033              Applied Statistical Principles or equivalent
KINS 5023              Methods of Research
KINS 6043              Statistical Inference or equivalent
KINS 6143              Research Design in Kinesiology or a Research
Design course approved by the student’s advisory committee

KINS 6811               Advanced Research in Kinesiology (taken 3 times for a total of 3 credit hours)*
KINS 6911               Individual Study – minimum of 2 hours taken during dissertation with dissertation committee members
KINS 6983               Dissertation
KINS 6993               Dissertation

*KINS 6811 topics focus on Teaching, Research, and Assistant Professorship. Doctoral students must take each of these 1 hour courses.

Sport Management Requirements (33 hours from the following)

KINS 5453              Sport Finance

KINS 5433              Sport Promotion and Publicity          

KINS 5483              Sport Sales, Sponsorship, and Fundraising

KINS 5463              Legal Issues in Sport

KINS 5473              Sport Media & Stakeholder Relations

KINS 5413              Sport Industry

KINS 5143              Group Dynamics or equivalent

KINS 5723              Role of Sport in Society or
KINS 5263              Sport Psychology

KINS 6913              Individual Study – Sport Management Pedagogy (3 – 6 hours)

KINS 6413             Research Seminar in Sport Management
KINS 6423             Research Seminar in Sport Promotion & Sponsorship
KINS 6443             Research Seminar in Electronic Sport Information

Minor Requirements (12 hours)

It is recommended doctoral students in sport management minor in business, communication, or education administration.

Additional Requirements and Policies

Research & Teaching Requirement
The faculty of the department of Kinesiology are of the opinion that doctoral students should gain proficiency in both teaching and research during their doctoral program. In order to achieve those proficiencies, the following will be required of all doctoral students before they are allowed to take their comprehensive exams:
• A minimum of 2 presentations at a local, state, regional, national or international conference
• Involvement in a minimum of 2 research projects at TWU
• Submission of at least one manuscript for publication as first or co-author
• Mentoring on teaching by a faculty member culminating in the teaching of at least one section of an upper division undergraduate class

Evidence of achieving these objectives must be provided in the student’s e-portfolio which must be submitted to the advisory committee prior to taking comprehensive exams.

Time Limit for Degree
All requirements toward the degree, beyond the master’s degree or its equivalent, must be completed within a period of 10 consecutive calendar years from the date doctoral credit is first earned. In addition, Ph.D. students pay out-of-state tuition for all credit hours beyond 99 hours. Courses for which the student received PR, WR, or I do count towards the total of 99. Counting starts from the day the student is classified as a doctoral student.

Credit by Transfer
There is no automatic transfer of graduate credit, but the student’s advisory committee has the prerogative to recommend to the Dean of the Graduate School the acceptance of transferable credits.
Only work completed at accredited institutions may be considered for transfer. A student may apply for consideration of transfer of credits after satisfactorily completing a minimum of nine hours of graduate credit at Texas Woman’s University and upon filing the degree plan. The rule governing the time limit for doctoral work also applies to transferable credits.
Only graduate courses in which a grade of B or better has been earned are acceptable for transfer. No credit toward a graduate degree may be obtained by correspondence; and no credit toward a graduate degree may be obtained by extension work from another institution.

Current 2015  Ph.D. ABD Candidates should continue Dissertation Research with Dr. Kim Miloch & Dr. Leslie Graham.

Kim Miloch

Kimberly S. Miloch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of QEP Programs
Office: Pioneer Center, TWU Library

Leslie Graham, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Exercise Physiology
Office: PH 208G
(940) 898-2577

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