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Send enquiries related to the Ph.D. program in Exercise Physiology to Dr. Vic Ben-Ezra.
Vic Ben-Ezra, Ph.D.
Exercise Physiology
Office: PH 116A
(940) 898-2597

General Requirements and Information

Doctoral students specializing in Exercise Physiology are expected to have completed coursework in biochemistry. The course (or courses) in biochemistry can be completed prior to enrollment at TWU or can be completed while enrolled at TWU. Biochemistry may be completed at the graduate level for credit if approved by the Advisory Committee. A background in general and organic chemistry may be necessary to successfully complete biochemistry, especially if it is taken at the graduate level.

The Exercise Physiology program consists of 96 hours in of course work:  (a) Basic KINS Requirements (22 hours), (b) Exercise Physiology Requirements (27 hours), and (c) Minor and Related Studies (approximately 21 hours). Twelve hours of research tools are also required. The remaining hours (approximately 14) can be class electives or research hours as determined by the Advisory Committee in consultation with the student. Credit hours from the master’s degree can be applied to the required 96 hours, as deemed appropriate by the Advisory Committee.


Basic KINS Requirements (18 hrs)

  • KINS 5033 Applied Statistical Principles or equivalent
  • KINS 6043 Statistical Inference or equivalent
  • KINS 6143 Research Designs in Kinesiology or a Research Design course approved by the student’s advisory committee
  • KINS 6113 Seminar in Kinesiology  
  • KINS 6983 Dissertation I
  • KINS 6993 Dissertation II

Exercise Physiology Requirements (27 hrs)

  • KINS 5553 Advanced Exercise Physiology I
  • KINS 5573 Graded Exercise Testing
  • KINS 5583 Hormonal Responses to Exercise
  • KINS 5613 Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
  • KINS 5683 Exercise Evaluation and Prescription
  • KINS 6821 Topics in Exercise Physiology (to be taken 3 times for a total of 3 hours credit)
  • KINS 6813 Advanced Research in Kinesiology* (to be taken three times for a total of 9 hours credit)

*A student may take the course additional times at the discretion of the advisory committee. For the class, students in consultation with a faculty advisor must conduct and complete an IRB-approved research study. The student can conduct the study on their own or in cooperation with other students. However, at least one time when the class is taken, each student must be the primary researcher. The study must be presented at a conference.)

Minor and Related Studies (15 hrs)

Students are required to have a minor area or related area of concentration outside the Department of Kinesiology. The concentration consists of a minimum of 15 hours of coursework approved by the Advisory Committee. The minor is to support the major area of specialization, and it is recommended that it should be in chemistry, biology, or nutrition. The remaining hours in statistics and/or computer science may be taken if they are not previously included.

The hours that may be transferred (including those for the Master’s degree) may not be more than one-half of the total (48 maximum). Courses that were taken at other institutions may be substituted for required courses at the discretion of the Advisory Committee where it would not conflict with Graduate School requirements.

Research Tools (12 hrs)

Students must select four 3-hr graduate courses to fulfill the research tools requirement. There must be two separate research tools indicated.

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