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Send inquiries related to the graduate programs in Sport Management to Dr. Gwen Weatherford.


Gwen Weatherford

Gwendolyn Weatherford, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Sport Management 
Pioneer Hall 208F
(940) 898-2584


The graduate emphasis in Sport Management is designed to specifically prepare individuals for a management or administrative career in the sport industry. Coursework is interdisciplinary providing a strong foundation in business principles, marketing, communication, law, and kinesiology. Graduates work in sport and related industries including professional and major league sport, minor league sport entities, collegiate sport, high school sports, recreational and wellness facilities, not for profit sport organizations, sport governing bodies, amateur athletic associations, educational athletic administration, sport management and marketing firms, and event operations.

The growth of the sport management emphasis reflects the tremendous growth and expansion of the sport industry. Our graduate students in sport management are diverse coming  from various regions of Texas, the United States, and other countries including England, Taiwan, Jordan, Mexico, and South Korea.

The 36 hour program does not require a thesis, and students may enroll in the program in the Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions. The majority of the sport management courses are taught primarily online with the expectations for a high level of student interactivity.

Degree Program (36 hours)

Required Kinesiology Core (6 hours)
KINS 5033  Applied Statistical Principles
KINS 5023  Methods of Research

Required Sport Administration Core (24 hours from the following)

KINS 5453      Financing the Sport Enterprise

KINS 5433    Sport Promotion and Publicity     

KINS 5483    Sport Sales, Sponsorship, and Fundraising

KINS 5463    Legal Issues in Sport

KINS 5473    Sport Media & Stakeholder Relations

KINS 5413    Sport Industry

KINS 5723      Role of Sport in Society or
KINS 5263     Sport Psychology

Culminating Experience*

*Culminating experiences must be approved by the student’s advisory committee. Students may select and submit for approval one of four culminating experiences. Students only select one option for the culminating experience. These options are outlined below.



Students must register for KINS 5113 and successfully complete a 95-120 hour internship with a sport entity. Students are also required to develop a research proposal and portfolio to fulfill the requirements of the internship. Students selecting this option may earn up to 3 hours course credit.


Coursework Option            

Students must complete 36 hours of coursework plus pass a comprehensive exam during the last 9 hours of coursework. The comprehensive exam does not count as a course and students do not receive course credit for passing the exam. Students do not register for the comprehensive exam, but students must pass the comprehensive exam in addition to completing 36 hours of coursework.


Professional Paper             

Students must register for KINS 5973 and successfully write and defend a professional paper. Students selecting this option may earn up to 3 hours course credit.



Students selecting the research intensive thesis option will write a thesis and must register for KINS 5983 and KINS 5973. Students selecting this option may earn up to 6 hours of course credit.

Approved Electives (6 hours from the following)
KINS 5143    Group Dynamics
KINS 5263    Sport Psychology
KINS 5723    Role of Sport in Society
KINS 6103    Advanced Seminar in Group Dynamics
KINS 6113    Seminar in Sport Management: Motivation
KINS 6113    Seminar in Sport Management: Special Topics
KINS 6413    Research Seminar in Sport Management
KINS 6423    Research Seminar in Sport Promotion & Sponsorship
KINS 6443    Research Seminar in Electronic Sport Information
BUS 5263      Organization Behavior
BUS 5133      Marketing Management
KINS 5113    Professional Internship in Sport Management *

*(KINS 5113 may serve as an elective when not used as the culminating experience. It requires submission and defense of a professional project/paper and must be approved by the student’s advisory committee chair).

Students may substitute other elective courses for this requirement with the approval of the advisory committee.

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