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In the Spring of 2004, the Kinesiology Department began offering a specialization Coaching as part of the MS degree in Kinesiology.  This program was founded on the need to prepare, at the post-baccalaureate level, quality coaches for leadership roles to meet the challenging demands of coaching in the 21st century. The program curriculum emphasizes the development of an athlete centered coaching philosophy and cultivates the ability to critically reflect, through action research, upon ones own current coaching practices. The program is delivered completely online so coaches can remain in their coaching workplace. Courses are delivered using state of the art course management, tactical coaching, and technical training software. Culminating experiences have sport based research components that are directly related to professional development in the coaches’ sport of interest.

Publications and Scholarships

The Kinesiology- Sport Coaching Coordinator, Dr. Mark Mann, is the Editor of  a Scholarly Online Coaching Publication,  The Journal of Athlete Centered Coaching (JACC), which is collaboratively housed on the Harvard University Dataverse Network. There are opportunities for our TWU-Coaching Students to contribute to this academic journal both through our optional professional paper course, and through the case analysis culminating experience course that is offfered in our program.  TWU also has competitive graduate scholarships available for incoming graduate students who meet our scholarship criteria.    

How To Apply

Contact Dr. David Nichols, The Kinesiology Graduate Program Coordinator at TWU, at, and he can send you an email with instructions on how to apply for Graduate Admission at TWU, and also send you an attachment outlining the Kinesiology Department Specific Documents we will need to receive from you (your Resume, and two professional references, etc...) in order to be accepted by our department into the M.S. Kinesiology/Sport Coaching program.

Kinesiology/Coaching Degree Program

(36 credit hours (hrs): 6  hrs. kinesiology core; 21 hrs. coaching core;  6 hrs. electives, & 3 hrs. culminating research experience.)

All courses are offered online.  See Course Descriptions, and Course Rotation Schedule Below. 

Required Kinesiology Core (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

  • KINS 5023. Methods of Research. Types of research; development of research designs; procedures for collection and treatment of data; application of introductory statistics for planning research designs, analyzing data, and interpreting findings; critical analysis of research. Credit: Three hours.
  • KINS 5033. Applied Statistical Principles. Statistical principles and their applications to problems in kinesiology and other related areas.  Credit: Three hours.

Required Coaching Core (7 courses, 21 credit hours) 

  • KINS 5203. Theory of Coaching. Theoretical base with practical application for teaching sport and sport skills; sport coaching responsibilities including developing a coaching philosophy and establishing an effective coaching style; effective communication, management skills, skill development, sport physiology and productive planning. Designed for coaches at all levels and for all sports. Credit: Three hours.
  • KINS 5243. Sport Injury Prevention and First Aid. Recognition and emergency treatment of sports injuries; roles, responsibilities and limitations of coaches concerning sport injuries; prevention of and response to sports injury; developing a medical emergency plan. Credit: Three hours.
  • KINS 5253. Organization and Administration for Effective Team Management
  • KINS 5263. Sport Psychology. Sport psychology principles utilized in a coaching environment; enhancing athletic performance through psychological assessment and goal setting; coach-athlete relationships; various psychological problems of athletes. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.
  • KINS 5273. Sport Conditioning and Nutrition. Planning and monitoring strength and conditioning training programs by coaches; development of resistance training programs to improve sport performance; nutritional concepts tailored for athletes in any sport. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.
  • KINS 5293. Technical Skills Analysis. Sport skill analysis; use of biomechanical principles to analytical sport movement; effective communication, feedback, and cues for skill teaching. Credit: Three hours.
  • KINS 5303. Coaching Tactical Skills. Competitive tactics and strategies for all sports; analysis of tactical skills and games approach strategies; developing effective practice plans; developing effective decision making for athletes. Credit: Three hours.

Electives (6 credit hours; Must be approved by Program Director)

                Typically these electives are courses from our online sport management curriculum, but, they can also be from our Adapted Physical Activity program as well. 

                Dr. Mann also offers every year  a three credit hour  summer session one (May Term)  course that is a coaching practicum onsite at the USA Paralympic Training Center in Edmond, Oklahoma that can be used as an elective.   

Culminating Research Experience (3 credits)

  • KINS 5973 Professional Paper and Project (Any Semester) or
  • KINS 5903  Case Analysis (Spring Semester), or  
  • KINS 5123 Professional Affiliation (Any Semester)


 Master's in Kinesiology Coaching Course Rotation Schedule (All Online/Every Year)

 FALL CLASSES (12 credit hours offered in the fall)

KINS 5263: Sport Psychology (ONLINE)

KINS 5273: Sport Conditioning and Nutrition (ONLINE) 

KINS 5293: Technical Skill Analysis (ONLINE)

KINS 5123: Professional Affiliation ( 5123 can be taken during any semester in the program.)  


SPRING CLASSES (12 credit hours offered in the spring)

KINS 5303: Coaching Tactical Skills (ONLINE)

KINS: xxx3: Sport Management/Sport Marketing Electives (ONLINE) -  Usually 2 such courses offered in the Spring.

KINS 5123: Professional Affiliation ( 5123 can be taken during any semester in the program.)

KINS 5903: Case Analysis (ONLINE) (Note: KINS 5903 can only be taken after 15 hours have been successfully completed by the student in the program.).   


SUMMER 1(MAY TERM) (3 credit hrs. offered in Summer 1)

KINS 5903:  Dr. Mann Coaching Practicum at USA Paralympic Volleyball (An Elective Course). (Note: You must attend a 5 day immersion/practicum at the Training Center in Edmond, Oklahoma. In 2015, the On Location dates (required) are Monday, May 11 (arrive in time for 7 p.m. orientation meeting)-  Friday, May 15, 2015. The remainder of the coursework is completed online.


SUMMER 2 (JUNE TERM) (6 credit hrs. offered in Summer 2)

KINS 5253: Organization and Administration for Effective Team Management (ONLINE)

KINS 5203:  Coaching Theory  (ONLINE)


SUMMER 3 (JULY TERM)  (9 credit hrs. offered in Summer 3)

KINS 5033: Applied Statistical Principles (ONLINE)

KINS 5023: Research Methods (ONLINE)

KINS 5243: Sports Injury Prevention and First Aid (ONLINE) 


*KINS 5023-Research Methods & KINS 5033-Applied Statistical Principles are also offered ON CAMPUS in the fall/spring. 

KINS 5033- Applied Statistical Principles (ON CAMPUS): Meets in the Fall and Spring Semesters- Every week, one night per week of the 16 week semester.   If you need to take this course completely online, the only time you can do so is during Summer Session #3 Online in July.

KINS 5023- Research Methods (ON CAMPUS): Meets in the Spring Semester-  It is a HYBRID Course- Meets ON CAMPUS 5 times per semester, and online for the rest of the course. If you need to take this course completely online, the only time you can do so is during Summer Session #3 Online in July.



For More Information Contact M.S. Coaching Program Director: Mark Mann, Ph.D.  (940) 898-2578.

Mark Mann, Ph.D.

Mark Mann, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Coordinator, M.S. Sport Coaching (Area of Concentration)
Office: PH 208K
(940) 898-2578
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