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Graduates from the Department of Kinesiology earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Kinesiology (corporate fitness emphasis) and are prepared for careers in exercise physiology, corporate fitness, cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy.  The curricula in Kinesiology offer hands-on experiences both in the laboratory, and in the jointly run SilverHearts Program.  Students in exercise physiology courses learn and apply information directly through lab experiences.  Examples of laboratory experiences include measuring oxygen consumption, using a 12-lead ECG monitor, and collecting blood samples for analysis of lactic acid and glucose.  The SilverHearts Program is a senior-adult fitness program jointly coordinated with the TWU Wellness Center.  In this program Kinesiology students will work directly with the seniors through a supervised practicum experience.

Students pursuing careers in corporate fitness and cardiac rehabilitation are commonly expected to possess various certifications documenting mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities pertaining to exercise testing and prescription.  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has established certifications in the fitness field.

Prospective employers in corporate fitness and cardiac rehabilitation frequently desire the ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor certification.  The Department of Kinesiology provides a series of courses to prepare students who wish to take the ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor Examination.  Additionally on the Denton campus, the Department hosts one of the Health/Fitness Instructor certification examinations.

Please Note:

  • Two internships are required.  A grade point average of  2.75 overall must be maintained to apply.  You must make a C or better in Exercise Physiology and Exercise Physiology Lab before taking any advanced physiology of exercise course.  You must make a C or better in Advanced Exercise Physiology lecture and lab, Senior Adult Fitness Practicum, Exercise Testing and Prescription lecture and lab before enrolling in any internship.
  • The internship should be planned during the student’s junior year.  A detailed outline of the internship should be reviewed and approved by Dr. Ben-Ezra.
  • Students enrolling in internships must carry university sponsored liability insurance.  A current CPR and First Aid card is required for all internship experiences.
  • Read the General Catalog.
  • A degree plan must be filed within a year of graduation.
  • KINS 4602/01 is a prerequisite to the cardiac rehabilitation internship and KINS 4702/01 is a prerequisite to the corporate fitness internship.

For graduation all students must make a C or better in all Kinesiology classes.

There are two different degree plans in the corporate fitness emphasis.  The Corporate Fitness-Kinesiology Major Plan is appropriate for all non-school majors interested in working in the field of wellness.  Those interested in meeting the prerequisites for a master’s degree in physical therapy must follow the plan named Corporate Fitness-Kinesiology Major meeting the Prerequisites for PT.  The Kinesiology major courses are identical in both plans.  The differences in the plans are in the minor and various support courses.

For those interested in the fast track program for Pre PT you must apply in the fall of the prior year.  There are various requirements for acceptance into the program so make sure you have completed these.  Two important requirements are the completion of the GRE and your volunteer hours.  You must also complete all prerequisite courses before enrolling in the PT program.

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