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Youth Baseball players and Dr. Sally Ford

The M.S. Kinesiology- Area of Concentration: Sport Coaching  curriculum emphasizes the development of an athlete centered coaching philosophy and cultivates the ability to critically reflect, through action research, upon ones own current coaching practices. The program is delivered completely online so coaches can remain in their coaching workplace. Courses are delivered using state of the art course management, tactical coaching, and technical training software. Culminating experiences have sport based research components that are directly related to professional development in the coaches’ sport of interest.  The program can be completed in 13 months, but, most commonly takes our students up to 2 years to complete.

Click here to view the course requirements, descriptions, and rotation of courses in the Coaching MS Degree Program.

For information, contact Dr. Mark Mann:

Mark Mann, Ph.D.

Mark Mann, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Sport Coaching
Office: PH 208K
(940) 898-2578.
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