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Current Projects

  • A new method for lower extremity joint motion decomposition and its application in landing and jumping
  • The influence of running speed on the extensor paradox in adult runners
  • Comparison of T-poles and conventional hiking poles on upper and lower extremity kinematics and kinetics in walking
  • A biomechanical comparison of crutch swing-through gait with and without touch-down
  • A comparison of upper extremity kinetics while using axillary and spring-loaded crutches
  • An age comparison of gait mechanics while walking on an inclined surface
  • Effects of regular walking with telescope-stype walking poles on gait mechanics in the frail elderly
  • Effects of target distance on the trunk, pelvis, and thigh kinematics during a round house kick
  • Effects of bi-directional hip machine on gluteus maximus activity

Projects Completed Recently

  • Lower extremity biomechanics in walking on ballast
  • The effects of ankle bracing on lower extremity kinematics and kinetics during deep squats and jump landings in females
  • Biomechanical analysis of obstacle avoidance in walking with telescope-style walking poles in the elderly
  • Kinematic and kinetic comparison of lower extremity biomechanics during anticipated and unanticipated running and cutting maneuver
  • A kinematic comparison of different golf swing styles: swing plane analysis
  • Accuracy of sequential sub-field synchronisation of multiple digital camcorders through numerical optimization
  • Internal validity of the functional method of hip joint center location
  • Contribution of the pelvis to gesture leg range of motion in a complex ballet movement: Grand rond de jambe en l’air en dehor
  • Analysis of the hip joint moments in grand rond de jambe en l’air
  • A three-dimensional kinematic analysis of grand rond de jambe en l'air: skilled versus novice ballet dancers
  • Biomechanics of pole-walking in elderly subjects
  • The swimming slide study
  • The effects of added prosthetic mass on physiologic responses, biomechanics, and electromyography of gait in individuals with unilateral transtibial amputation
  • Effects of an exercise intervention on the biomechanics of landing in young female soccer player

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