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Biomechanics Laboratory consists of three areas: the Main Lab, the Motion Analysis Lab, and a classroom.  The total square footage is approximately 6,300 ft2 (590 m2).

Main Lab (Pioneer Hall 123)

The Main Lab houses a conference area, four faculty & student offices, and a lounge.  Some research equipment, Biodex System Pro 3 and NeuroCom Smart BalanceMaster, are located in the Main Lab.  Four high-capacity data analysis workstations are available in the Main Lab with high resolution, large-format monitors.

Weekly Lab meetings and Friday brown-bag sessions are held in the Main Lab.  Visiting Professors and full-time doctoral and master's students have offices in the Main Lab. 

Motion Analysis Lab (Pioneer Hall 124)

The Motion Analysis Lab (MAL) consists of a 40 x 80 ft (12 x 24 m) data collection area, a control room, a subject prep room, and a storage.  Research equipment such as Kwon3D XP Motion Analysis System, AMTI force plates, and Noraxon Wireless EMG System are located in the MAL.  The large data collection area in conjunction with a high ceiling provides large enough a space for data collection in various sport & exercise settings with no modification, such as gait, pitching, batting, jumping, soccer heading, and basketball shooting.  Instrumented data collection pit with force plates is located at the center of the data collection area.

Data collection is controlled from the Control Room with two high-capacity workstations.  Both wired and wireless networks are available in the MAL with a dedicated Wireless Access Point for easy and speedy data transportation across the Labs.

Classroom (Pioneer Hall 122)

This classroom is for all undergraduate biomechanics laboratory classes and graduate biomechanics classes.  A media cart with a projector is available in the classroom.  Other equipment and devices for the undergraduate lab class are housed in the classroom.

Additional Research Facilities

Data collections are often held in a full-size gym located next to the Motion Analysis Lab.  An indoor swimming pool is available in the Pioneer Hall for underwater motion analysis projects.  A running track is located on the third floor of the gym for testing and training purposes.


Research Equipment

Kwon3D XP Motion Analysis System (MAL)

Kwon3D XP Motion Analysis System is the main system used for motion analysis applications:

  • 8 mini-DV digital camcorders (Panasonic AG-DVC 30)
  • 8 Mini-DV digital VCRs (Panasonic AG-DV1000)
  • 2 high-speed digital cameras (Photron Fastcam-PCI 500)
  • SMPTE time code generators (Horita RM-50)
  • Video switcher (Panasonic WJ-SW208)
  • A/D & Sync Box (Visol
  • Polymorphic calibration frame
  • Range poles
  • Kwon3D XP Motion Analysis Software Suite



VICON Real-Time Motion Analysis System (MAL)

A 10-camera VICON system will arrive in spring 2009:

  • 10 MX-T10 cameras (1.0 megapixel resolution up to 250 Hz)
  • MX Giganet Lab (gigabit ethernet for sync and data transfer and 64-channel A/D system)
  • Nexus Software Suite

Biodex System 3 Pro (Main Lab)

Biodex is a neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation system:

  • Isokinetic Resistance mode
  • Reactive Eccentric mode
  • Passive Motion mode
  • Isometric mode
  • Isotonic mode

NeuroCom® Smart Balance Master® System (Main Lab)

Smart Balance Master is a multi-function balance testing and management system:

  • A 18" x 18" dynamic plate with moving booth
  • A 18" x 60" static plate
  • Tests available:
    • modified Clinical Test of Sensory Integration on Balance (mCTSIB)
    • Sensory Organization Test (SOT)
    • Adaptation Test (ADT)
    • Limits of Stability (LOS)
    • Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS)
    • Weight Bearing Squat (WBS)
    • Unilateral Stance (US)
    • Sit-to-Stand (STS)
    • Walk Across (WA)
    • Tandem Walk (TW)
    • Step/Quick Turn (SQT)
    • Step Up/Over (SUO)
    • Forward Lunge (FL)

Noraxon TeleMyo Wireless EMG System (MAL)

The Noraxon TeleMyo System is used to measure myoelectrical activities in the skeletal muscles:

  • 8 channels
  • 1 NorAngle electrogoniometer unit
  • 1 NorSwitch foot-switch unit (bilateral)
  • 1 NorBNC connector unit
  • MyoResearch & MyoClinical software

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