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Historical Overview

Over the last four decades TWU has been on the cutting edge of the field now known as adapted physical education (APE). Dr. Claudine Sherrill had a vision of impacting the lives of young people with disabilities who yearned to be more active and involved in physical education. Thanks, Dr. Sherrill!   Today, Dr. Lisa Silliman-French, Dr. Ron Davis, and Dr. Suzanna Rocco Dillon (see picture below) lead the progressive and nationally known TWU doctoral and master’s degree programs in adapted physical education and adapted physical activity. You too can make a difference in the lives of young people with disabilities and their families.

Claudine Sherrill

 Claudine Sherrill

2016 TWU APE Faculty

Left: Dr. Suzanna Rocco Dillon; Center: Dr. Ron Davis; Right: Dr. Lisa Silliman-French 

Adapted Physical Activity Program Specifics

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