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How do I find historical enrollment for a particular major?

Use the 'Fact Book' link on the left side of the website and select the enrollment link. From the pdf document, scroll through the interactive table of contents (TOC) and click on the any of the TOC references to tables with majors to link to the information. The direct link to the pdf document is: Fact Book Enrollment.

Where can I find official definitions of state, federal, and internal reporting terminology?

Use the 'Fact Book' link on the left side of this website and then scroll to the bottom of the window. Select "Glossary" to view the Glossary of Terms document.

How do I request unique information that is not contained in the Fact Book?

Use the 'Request Information' link to the left of each web page. Complete the form with as much detail as possible so that we can determine what type of student information that you need. No individual student information will be released. Include contact information so that we may obtain clarification prior to generating your request and deliver your request when completed.
(Example requests: Enrollment or demographic data for surveys, grants, or information to be used for accreditation purposes.)

What is student FTE?

Student FTE is the full-time equivalent of student enrollment. The student full-time equivalent is used to determine a standard enrollment if all students were enrolled full-time, and is calculated by dividing the student semester credit hours by the appropriate full-time hours. Specific formulas vary by the definition of full-time credit hours, but the most commonly used formula is ((UG SCH/12) + (GR SCH/9)).

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