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  • Disability Sport
    Information helpful in investigating some benefits of sports and recreational programming including a history of disability sport, how to get started, resources and useful links
  • Extreme Sport
    Links to knowledge and information about extreme sport activities for physically impaired participants
  • Coaching
    Practical advice for coaching athletes with disabilities, links to associated organizations and example coaching drills for volleyball, soccer, swimming and basketball
  • Disability Sport Websites
    A list of links to international, national, foreign and sport specific bodies associated with disability sport
  • Thunder in the Valley Games
    Michigan Sports Unlimited and their sponsors are hosted their first annual Thunder in the Valley Games to disabled Athletes in June 2008. Visit their website for more information about their first of many annual games to come.
  • An Overview for Fitness/Exercise Facilities

    This is a brief PowerPoint presentation on considerations staff workers should make for patrons with disabilities in a fitness/exercise facility. This presentation is an abbreviation of a staff manual designed for health club and fitness center employees who work with individuals with disabilities in their facilities.  Topics include ADA Compliance, Communication, Terminology, Programming Considerations for identified disabilities, and Equipment Resources.  The complete staff manual is also posted on Project INSPIRE.


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