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In memory of Dr. Carol HuettigThe Project INSPIRE website provides an enormous amount of information related to individuals with disabilities. Some of the information include: instructional techniques, inclusion strategies, sport organizations, health and safety issues, and even a parent page to assist with activities in the home and community. Dr. Huettig, visiting Professor and Coordinator of the Personnel Preparation Federal Grant through the Department of Education at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), founded Project INSPIRE with the assistance of numerous doctoral students in the fall of 1998. This project was supported by Dr. Jean Pyfer, who was the Dean of the College of Health Sciences at TWU and the Project Director of this grant. This website has become one of the best sources for APA professionals in the world and will continue to expand so others can learn and grow. One of the areas we are looking to expand is in the area of pedagogy at the public school and especially the higher educational level. Contributors are welcome to submit information related to this topic for incorporation into this website.


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