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What if my Pioneer Card is lost or stolen?
  • Report the card lost to ID Services immediately at 940-898-3565.

How can I check my balance?

  • Your remaining balance is printed on your receipt after each purchase, or contact ID Services.

How much does a replacement ID cost?

  • ID replacement fee is $10.00 payable by exact Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Why am I charged an ID Fee each semester?

  • The ID fee on your semester charge contributes to the upkeep and maintenance for the ID Systems.

Where do I get my ID?

  • Denton - 3rd Floor Mary Gibbs Jones Hall
  • Institute of Health Sciences Dallas Campus 3rd floor Student Life Suite
  • Houston Campus - 2nd Floor Office of Student Life

Why do I need an ID?

  • To positively identify you as a student, faculty or staff.

If I report my card lost, can you reactivate it if I find it?

  • If we have not already issued a new card, we can remove your ID from lost status.

Why can't I have 2 ID cards?

  • For the protection of the cardholder, we limit the card to one. Our system recognizes a single issue code per cardholder.

Do you issue ID cards for the purpose of identification?

  • No, your ID can not be considered an official form of identification.

I am a distance education student. How do I get my ID?

  • We send out your ID to the address on file.

Can a friend use my ID to make purchases?

  • No. ID's are issued to a single person and are non-transferrable for the protection of the cardholder and their funds.

If I purchase a Copy Card at a Value Port, and put money on it, am I limited to using it for copies?

  • No. The Copy Card becomes a prepaid debit card that can be used at any location on campus that Pioneer Dollars are accepted. See our Locations page for a list of places that accept Pioneer Dollars.

page last updated 1/11/2016 10:19 AM