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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Staff Employment Policies & Practices: Transfers

An EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES BULLETIN listing current vacancies is posted daily in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and on the internet at the Office of Human Resources webpage. Any employee who wishes to apply for one of the vacancies may do so by completing an up-to-date Application for Transfer with the OHR.

To be eligible to make application for a transfer, the employee must have been employed in her or his present position for at least six months. However, with the approval of the OHR and the current supervisor, a transfer may occur within the first six months of employment.

Before an employee may be considered for another position, he or she must meet the minimum job requirements and meet the standard performance evaluation level, as defined by the supervisor and to be reviewed by the OHR, for the vacant position.

The employee seeking a transfer should inform his or her supervisor of the desire to change positions. Expressing interest for consideration for a transfer to a vacancy in another department will not affect an employee's present position or future opportunities.

The effective date of a transfer will be determined after consultation with the two departments involved. A two week notice is usually requested unless the employee's supervisor agrees to a shorter period. All transfers are contingent upon the approval of the appropriate Vice President and the availability of funds. Any salary increases related to the transfer are generally not retroactive beyond the month in which it is processed by the OHR and approved by the appropriate department head.

For more information, please see HR OP 50.05 "Staff Employee Promotions, Transfers and Demotions".

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