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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Staff Employment Policies & Practices: Reduction in Force (RIF)

This policy is to identify general procedures for the possible elimination of jobs or reduction in percent effort (FTE). Situations including, but not limited to, a lack of funds, lack of work, reorganization, or changes in research needs or technologies, may require a reduction in the work force to ensure the continued quality and efficiency of the University.

Modifications in or the elimination of jobs due to changes in funding for grants or contracts, including but not limited to research funds, are not to be treated as reductions in force subject to this policy. A reduction in force layoff will be designated as such by an authorized official of the University, and a layoff not so designated in writing is not a reduction in force layoff.

University executive/administrative officers will determine when a formal reduction in force is needed. The executive/administrative officers may find it necessary to reduce the number of employees at TWU due to budgetary constraints or to meet shifting operational needs. When restructuring (department mergers, layoffs, recalls, and/or transfers) is implemented, functions are prioritized based on the effect that a reduction or elimination will have on the mission and goals of TWU. The executive/administrative officers will identify specific departments and position titles to be downsized, consolidated, or deleted.

If there is more than one person in the same position title within the affected department, the determination of who will be laid off shall be based on two criteria -- job performance and years of service at TWU.

For further policy details and application examples, see University Policy 3.10.

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