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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Employee Benefits: Group Insurance

Effective September 1, 1992, all state employees, except UT and TX A & M, became part of a state wide insurance program. TWU's insurance programs are administered through the Employee's Retirement System (ERS) of Texas.

All regular employees are eligible to participate in the Group Benefit Plan (GBP). A student employee who receives compensation for services rendered to the University pursuant to a payroll certified by the institution that as a condition of employment requires the employee to be enrolled as a student in graduate level courses and who is employed at least 20 hours per week for a full semester or at least 4 1/2 months are eligible for the GBP and must complete paperwork within 31 days of employment to be covered. New employees have thirty-one days from their date of staff/faculty employment in which to select insurance coverage for themselves and eligible dependents without having to satisfy evidence of insurability. Otherwise, employees must wait until the insurance coverage is offered during a later enrollment period, may have to satisfy evidence of insurability, and/or may be subject to limitations or waiting periods. There is a 90-day waiting period before the health insurance goes into affect. The optional coverage are affective the 1st of the month following election.

In accordance with Texas Law, the University will contribute toward the cost of the employee's insurance coverage (100% FTE = 100% state contribution; 50% to 99.9% FTE = 50% state contribution). Employees should be aware that a leave without pay status may require the state contribution to be suspended causing the employee to pay the entire premium in order to maintain coverage.

The following programs are available on an optional basis. Policy provisions are subject to change when contracts are renegotiated. Optional coverage do NOT require participation in HealthSelect (i.e., you may elect to waive the health coverage, but enroll in any of the optional coverage).

Group Medical: The State's group medical plan is called HealthSelect. HealthSelect is self-administered through the Employees Retirement System of Texas. Claims are paid through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. HealthSelect provides hospital, surgical, medical, supplemental, accidental, prescription, and maternity benefits. The HealthSelect medical plan automatically provides $5,000 term life coverage with $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage for the employee. Coverage under the group insurance plans are subject to change.

Term Life: Regular employees may elect to participate in an optional term life and accidental death and dismemberment policy. Coverage is available in an amount equal to one, two, three or four times the annual salary rounded to the next thousand dollars (new employees can enroll within 30 days in one or two times their annual salary without proving eligibility; for three or four times their annual salary, the employee has to prove insurability).

Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability: Regular employees may purchase short-term disability coverage, long-term disability or both coverage. Short-term disability pays a monthly benefit up to five months. Long-term disability pays a monthly benefit for the duration of total disability or until age 65.

Benefits provided by long-term disability will be reduced by income received from other sources, such as social security, workers compensation, or the retirement plan disability benefits.

Dependent Term Life: All regular employees are eligible to participate in the University's dependent term life program. Term life coverage is available for the employee's eligible spouse and children.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: This coverage is available to regular employees. Coverage is available from $10,000 up to $200,000 in increments of $5,000.
Dental Insurance: Regular employees may participate in one of the group dental plans (Indemnity or DMO).

Insurance Program for Retirees: Upon retirement from the University, a regular employee shall be eligible to continue membership in the medical and life insurance program of retired employees provided:

1. The employee has a minimum of ten years' creditable state service, and
2. The employee is eligible to receive a retirement benefit from the Teacher Retirement
    System or from the Optional Retirement Program (and is age 65 or meets the Rule
    of 80).
3. The employee was eligible for the Group Benefits Plan (GBP), during the ten years
    of service credit, as an employee at a state agency or institution of higher education
    that participates in the GBP.

The University will continue the state contribution toward the premiums for the retiree's insurance with the retiree paying any excess premium.

Retired employees who do not enroll themselves and/or eligible dependents in the retired employees' insurance program within 31 days of retirement will be required to provide evidence of insurability prior to enrollment, if they wish to enroll later and a 90-day waiting period will be applied.

The surviving spouse and eligible dependents of a retired employee shall be eligible to continue medical insurance coverage upon the death of a covered employee. The surviving spouse is not eligible for the state contribution. For additional information visit the ERS web site.

Flexible Spending Account: TexFlex is available to regular employees. Employees may elect to set aside specified dollar amounts for a specified plan year and receive reimbursement from that amount for health care expenses, not covered by insurance, or dependent care expenses.

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