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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Staff Employment Policies & Practices: Demotions

A demotion is a change of an employee from a position in one pay grade to a position assigned to a lower pay grade.

An administrator may demote an employee or reassign him/her to a position where he/she will be able to meet performance requirements, to apply disciplinary action for misconduct, or for other reasons.  An employee may request a demotion to start training in another occupation, to continue employment when a Reduction in Force (RIF) is imminent or for other reasons.

Upon demotion or downward reclassification of an employee’s current position, an employee’s salary will normally be placed at the same percent above the base of the pay range in the newly assigned pay grade as in the previous pay grade.  The new pay rate is determined by consideration of the circumstances related to the demotion, the employee’s employment record, and job performance.

Approval of the divisional Vice President and the Associate Vice President of Human Resources is required prior to demoting an employee.

Additional information is located on the TWU OHR Compensation web page and in Policy 3.34 Staff Employee Promotions, Transfers & Demotions

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