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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Employee Benefits: Social Security

Social Security participation is required by law of employees of the University.  The only exceptions to this are students who are enrolled for at least 6 hours during the regular academic sessions or 3 hours during the summer sessions will be exempt from social security tax deductions.  Also, international students who entered the United States under an F-1 or J-1 Visa and who are working at the University will be exempt from social security tax deductions for 5 calendar years.

Social Security benefits include retirement annuities, disability benefits for a permanent injury or sickness, and survivor benefits for a dependent spouse and/or children.

Rules for Name Changes Require a New Social Security Card
The Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service require that the name that is reported on the TWU payroll must match the name shown on the social security card. Therefore, in order to apply a name change to payroll, a social security card showing the new name must be presented to the Office of Human Resources.

Click here to view the Social Security Administration Home Page.

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