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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Problem Solving & Rules of Conduct: Personal Conduct

Reasonable rules of conduct are maintained in order to define and protect the rights, safety, and welfare of the Texas Woman's University and its employees. All employees are expected to be in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and statutes. In general, the rules of conduct of the University are reasonable, common sense rules which the University considers necessary to insure the mutual welfare of the University and its employees.

As questions arise, an employee should discuss them with his or her supervisor. Additional information is located in TWU OP 50.03 "Standards of Conduct, Discipline-for Non-Faculty"Employees are subject to disciplinary action including dismissal for violation of University rules or regulations, departmental policies, federal, state or local laws.

The following list, while not conclusive, consists of some examples of violations of the general rules of conduct governing the actions of employees.

  • Violation of public law.
  • Willfully or negligently misusing, damaging or removing property belonging to the University, other employees, or students.
  • Theft or dishonesty, or attempts to commit these acts, for example: Falsification of time cards, punching another's time card, falsification of personnel records, theft or removing from the premises without proper authorization any article belonging to the University or other employees, or misuse of the telephone.
  • Violation of safety or sanitation rules and regulations as explained by supervisors.
  • Smoking in unauthorized areas.
  • Carrying, possessing, selling, or being under the influence of intoxicants, narcotics, or other drugs on University premises or during work hours.
  • Carrying or possessing firearms, explosives, or other lethal or illegal weapons on University premises.
  • Insubordination.
  • Excessive tardiness or absences.
  • Failure to perform duties of employment.
  • Assault, attempted assault, or fighting on the job.
  • Misuse of Internet access, e-mail, TWU telephones, long distance codes, or any other University property.
  •  Unethical behavior as outlined in the TWU Ethics Policy for Employees 3.02.
  • Sexually harassing or discriminating against other employees or students.  See policy 3.05 on Sexual Harassment and policy and 3.04 on Nondiscrimination for additional information.
  • Violation of other future TWU policies or rules

Violation of the rules of conduct could lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination

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