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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Miscellaneous Policies: Confidential Information

Employees must be careful not to disclose any information which might be considered confidential concerning students, student records, or any other University information of a private nature.

Texas Woman's University will abide by the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) privacy rules for covered entities, as applicable.

State law (Leg. House Bill 1922) with limited exceptions, allows you to be informed about information the University collects about you, to review and obtain information and to correct information you believe is incorrect.

It is the policy of Texas Woman’s University to protect the confidential nature of social security numbers without creating unjustified obstacles to the conduct of the business of the University and the provision of services to its many constituencies.   The use of the social security number as an individual’s primary identification number will be discontinued, unless applicable law requires such use.  The social security number may continue to be stored as a confidential attribute associated with an individual. Any further disclosure of your social security number will be governed by the Public Information Act (Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code).

For additional information, please see TWU Policy 3.19 "Protecting Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers".

Directory Information and Privacy Settings:

The university now has two sources of web based directory information.  The INTRANET web site is overseen by Information Services and is accessible only to faculty, staff, and students at TWU.  The INTERNET web site is overseen by Marketing and Communications and is open to the public.  With this transition we are creating directory information to serve two purposes.  Information that is on the INTRANET is intended to provide a source of information about faculty, staff, and students that can be obtained only by those with access through the Portal to the INTRANET (i.e. internal).  Information in the directory on the INTERNET is accessible to the general public (i.e. external).

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