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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Employee Benefits: Workers' Compensation Insurance

Eligibility: All employees of the University are automatically covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance without cost to the employee. This insurance coverage is administered by the State Employees Workers' Compensation Division of the State Office of Risk Management (SORM).

Report of Injuries: An employee is required to immediately report all on-the-job injuries to his or her immediate supervisor regardless of how minor it may appear so that the injury is a matter of record. The supervisor or administrator must submit "The Supervisor's First Report of Injury or Illness," to the Office of Human Resources for transmittal to the SORM no later than the day following the injury.

Medical Expenses: If an employee is injured on the job, he or she is entitled to payment for all authorized medical expenses required in connection with the injury. SORM determines all authorized medical expenses.

Sick Leave Benefits: If the employee is unable to return to work following the injury, the employee may:

l. Choose to use accrued sick leave until exhausted and then receive compensation
benefits, or

2. Choose to receive compensation benefits and not use accrued sick leave.

Compensation Benefits: As provided by State law, if the employee is unable to return to work after utilizing all accrued sick leave or after electing not to use sick leave benefits, the SORM will make weekly compensation payments during the balance of the time the employee is unable to work beginning with the eighth day of incapacity or the day all sick leave benefits are utilized whichever is later.

For injuries resulting in death, the beneficiaries of the deceased employee may receive a weekly payment to be determined by the Workers' Compensation Division.

Employees off on medical leave due to a work related injury are expected to:

  • provide his/her supervisor with statements from the treating medical care provider that include a targeted return-to-work date;
  • Keep in contact with his/her supervisor;
  • Return to work upon release from the treating medical care provider.

Please visit the Office of Human Resources Benefits web site for Workers' Comp procedures and forms.

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