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Staff Short Term Action List

1. Develop a University Compensation Philosophy 

a. Create a multi-member task force  

b. Charge to review Sibson’s recommended compensation philosophy and create list of pros and cons for university leadership review and/or adoption

c. Completion date of August 1, 2013

The Chancellor’s Cabinet approved the attached TWU Compensation Philosophy document at its meeting on December 16, 2013. This process leading to the TWU philosophy statement has been positive with the participation of many people and groups. The final philosophy statement was revised to include input from the open sessions and the Faculty Senate. It will be presented to the Board of Regents at the February 21, 2014 Board of Regents meeting. We are on target to complete the review of peer faculty and staff salaries early this spring semester with a goal of using the information gained to make salary recommendations for the FY2015 budget year. The Chancellor’s Cabinet wants to express appreciation to each of you for your interest and participation in this very important project. Special thanks is given to the compensation philosophy committee chaired by Dr. Stankey. The campus community will be kept informed as we continue to develop the TWU Compensation Plan.

Compensation Philosophy Committee Report 

2. Assess staff salary levels

a. Develop external market database for collection and use of staff surveys

    i. Project Team led by HR will review data collection tools and surveys and make recommendations

              ii. Completion date of December 1, 2013

The Project Team has reviewed, met with, and heard presentations from three companies that provide compensation tools for market pricing and storage (database) of survey data.  PayScale is the chosen company by the Project Team and HR.  Please click on the below document.

PayScale Insight Overview 2013

In addition to purchasing a technology tool for market pricing, Sibson Consulting recommended we purchase published salary survey data.  College & University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) and PayScale will be the chosen published salary survey data used for benchmarking for administrators, professionals and classified staff positions. 

b. Review staff positions for internal equity

    i. Develop criteria for making equity adjustments

    ii. HR and Academic Financial Services with assistance from legal counsel and an outside consultant
       N. Darlene Walker & Associates have been selected to review positions for internal equity. 

    iii. Completion date of March 1, 2014

c. Make a decision on developing ranges for professional and administrative positions

    i. Completion date of August 31, 2014

A decision has been made that all positions including professional and administrative will have a pay range established in the University Pay Plan. 

3. Implementation

          a. Develop an implementation plan

               i. Completion date or partially adopted for FY15 budget

Staff Long Term Action List

1. Evaluate salary structure and career advancement opportunities

          a. Review and evaluate the process and job families to determine university appropriateness

2. Performance based compensation concept

          a. Develop criteria for awarding one-time performance stipends for staff and faculty

          b. Merit or pay differential program

                i. Evaluate a merit or pay differential program based on new performance evaluation processes

          c. To be led by Human Resources and Academic Affairs 

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