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Congratulations to our TWU staff members who have gone above and beyond their job duties to make Texas Woman’s University the institution that it is today.  

Outstanding Achievement Award
Cheryl Holcombe, Coordinator of Enrollment Services-Houston
Nora Sierra, Assistant to the Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Improvement-Denton

TWU Award of Excellence
Dr. Carmen Cruz, Assistant Director and Director of Training, Counseling Center-Denton


Eligibility Criteria:

Outstanding Achievement Award
All full-time staff employees, below the director level, with a minimum two years of continuous service with Texas Woman's University, shall be eligible for consideration for the Outstanding Achievement Award. 

TWU Award of Excellence
A minimum of five years of continuous service with TWU is required for the TWU Award of Excellence.  Qualified employees nominated for the Outstanding Achievement Award are automatically nominated for the TWU Award of Excellence.

Employees shall be selected based on outstanding achievements, accomplishments or services to TWU.

Department heads, Deans, and Vice Presidents are encouraged to add supportive justification as appropriate and or to recommend additional employees as appropriate.

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