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Furnished rooms--Each room is furnished with two beds, two dressers, two desks and chairs, two closets and a microfridge (Jones Hall, Stark Hall, and Guinn Hall). TV cable hookup are also provided.

Residents may arrange furniture to suit their tastes, however, all furnishings must stay in the room. Plan to bring posters, pictures, plants, a TV, stereo, lamp and other items to make your room more comfortable. Microwaves, convection toaster ovens and hot plates are not permitted.

Co-Educational Floors--The co-ed option offers accommodations for women and men on the same floor. One of the benefits of this arrangement is the opportunity for the development of a high level of respect and consideration among residents.

Sorority and Special Interest Areas--Currently, three national sororities have chapter rooms and living facilities for members in Stark Hall. Space for other sororities may be available in the future, depending on the interest of the students and the organizations. Special areas designated by academic major or interest on the same floor can be provided in most residence halls on a space-available basis if there is sufficient demand.

Living Learning Communities at Texas Woman’s University provide student learning opportunities outside of the classroom that strengthen student intellectual and personal growth. They are designed to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that complement and extend classroom learning by fostering faculty and resident interaction that enhances the intellectual and personal development of the residents.

Computer Labs--All residence halls are equipped with computer labs computers and printers with connections to the Resnet internet service.

Rooms for Students with Disabilities--A limited number of rooms are available for residents who are mobility or hearing impaired. If you need special accommodations, please contact the University Housing Office at (940) 898-3676.

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