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These are just your regular, average, everyday honors students. All of us have lives outside of the program. All of us enjoy a good time. We want to make the most of our time at college, and the Honors Scholars Program lets us do just that!

Michelle Savolainen

Michelle Savolainen

Senior, Business Management Major
Desired Occupation: International Business and Corporate Management

Leadership is a quality required of successful business professionals in the increasingly competitive, dynamic, and ever-changing business world.

The Honors Scholar Program at Texas Woman's University provided me with leadership opportunities since I first entered the program. I served on the Public Relations Committee my first semester in the Athenian Honor Society, an honors student organization reserved exclusively for students in the Honors Scholar Program.

I was elected for an officer position for the next two years and currently serve as the Senior Editor for the Honors Program's official research journal, Off the Quill.

I am more than grateful to have been accepted to the Honors Scholar Program and been afforded the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership abilities.

Being taught by commendable professors who actually know my name in smaller classes is also great benefit.

The School of Management at TWU and the Honors Scholar Program definitely prepared me for graduate school and the business world.

Shawn Saumell

Shawn Saumell

Senior, Photography Major
Desired Occupation: Fine Artist

I am always trying to learn something new for the sake of self-improvement. In my spare time, I read, watch documentaries and research plaguing questions.

College acts as a vehicle for my art projects as well as incentive to approach time-sensitive deadlines.

I push myself everyday and welcome challenges on a regular basis.

The Honors Scholar Program at TWU allows me to take on responsibilities of leadership, experience in structure, higher expectations, and the academic development that I require among other peers of high ambition while bettering my community.

Megan Glenn

Megan Glenn

Sophomore, Nursing Major
Desired Occupation: Working with children

Most TWU honors students are motivated and ambitious, the kind that any university could boast about.

I'm not one of them.

School is still an uphill battle for me, and being in the Honor Scholar program is a tough challenge.
But it's also a gift. Being an honors student takes extra commitment from you, but it gives you a support that you couldn't get elsewhere.

The Honors program staff are my cheerleaders, and they provide the kind of advice that will fuel me through TWU's challenging nursing program. The Honors program asks a lot of you...but what you get back is immeasurable.

When I'm not in school, I work three jobs: teaching ballet, working at a bakery, and my
favorite: working as a nurse tech in the newborn nursery at a local hospital.

In the spare moments between work and school, I enjoy scrap booking/photography, going to small group at my church, reading, dancing ballet in my bedroom, and singing very loudly when I'm by myself.

Kendyll Castles

Kendyll Castles

Junior, Art Major
Desired Occupation: Full Time College Professor

When I first entered college as a single mom and commuter, it was hard to get involved at TWU.

The Honors program was the first obvious choice for me--my motivation was the academic challenge and enrichment, and of course the scholarship opportunities...

It turned out to be a great constant for me, and started the ball rolling for me to get super involved in other things on campus.

My daughter is two, and we have tons of fun. I love to paint and fly kites, and I am notorious for smiling, singing silly songs, and running across campus...whether I'm in a hurry or not.

At some point in college, I decided I loved it so much, I'll just stick around and be a faculty member. I'm always glad to see new faces around TWU, and I hope the honors program is just what you're looking for!

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