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TWU Honors Programs

Texas Woman's University has an honors program history that spans thirteen years. As a university dedicated to honors education, TWU currently offers two different honors programs in order to accommodate the needs of each individual student. We believe that all excellent students should have the opportunity to take their education to a higher level by participating in honors coursework, helping out in the local community, and taking part in various leadership and cultural oppportunities.

We are currently accepting applications for both programs.

Discover which honors program is right for you!

The Honors Scholar Program is for students entering TWU as freshmen.


The Touchstone Program is directed toward transfer students and current TWU students.

If you have questions about either of our honors programs or if you'd like to schedule a visit to the campus, please call or email our offices. We'd love to show you what honors has to offer!

TWU Honors Endowment

Looking for a way to support TWU's best and brightest? Look no further! Join us as we support student research, creative efforts, travel stipends, and special opportunities for the Honors Scholars. Donate now through PayPal!


TWU Scholars Say...

Kendyll Castles"The Honors program was the first obvious choice for me--my motivation was the academic challenge and enrichment, and of course the scholarship opportunities..." More about “TWU Scholars Say...”...