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BA/BS in History

A BA or BS in History:

  • gives you necessary skills in critical thinking, research, and writing
  • prepares you for graduate programs in history or related fields
  • gives you a good foundation for a teaching certification in social studies

What Can You Do with a Degree in History?  A mini-guide from the American Historical Association


BA/BS in Government

A BA or BS in Government:

  • prepares you for a career in politics, law, and public service
  • develops skills in critical thinking, research, leadership, and written and oral expression
  • prepares you for graduate work in political science, public administration and the law
  • allows you to choose an emphasis in either politics or legal studies

    Careers in Political Science- American Political Science Association's guide


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Master's Degree for Dual-Credit Teachers

Pursue a degree that qualifies you to teach dual credit in both history and government. More about Dual Credit (.pdf)

NEW Practicum Capstone option in Government Master's Program (.pdf)

NEW Public History option in History Master's Program  (.pdf)

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