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Faculty research and teaching specialties in History and Government currently include:

  • Social, political, cultural, and religious history of the U.S., Early Modern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America
  • Cross-cultural/Multicultural Studies of the Colonial Atlantic World
  • History, politics, and popular culture
  • Museum studies and historic preservation
  • Rural, agricultural, and environmental history
  • Political socialization
  • Women in aviation, Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II
  • Women in history, law, politics, and government
  • Race, class, ethnicity and the law
  • Law in historical and political context
  • Political theory
  • Politics and literature
  • Politics and government in Japan and China
  • International relations, U.S. national defense policy, global politics
  • Politics and government in the European Union
  • Politics and government in Germany
  • Diversity in the legal profession
  • African-American History
  • Slavery in the Americas

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