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According to the OpEd Project, 80% of contributions to key commentary forums are written by men. The Public Voices Thought Leadership national project was established to increase the impact of women and minorities in the broader public conversation.

Starting in February, the OpEd Project will come to TWU to present small seminars lead by professional journalists coaching clarity, efficacy and confidence. The project also conducts monthly conference calls and one-on-one mentoring. As part of the training, fellows receive practical tutoring on how to expand influence through TV and radio interviews, and social media.

Many of the top universities in the nation including Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Emory, and Northwestern have utilized this program to increase the public visibility and opinion impact of their faculty women. Last year’s 2012-2013 Texas Woman’s University program included community activists as well as TWU faculty and was one of the most successful in the OpEd Project’s history. Through the training, encouragement and professional guidance of the Public Voices Thought Leadership Project, last year’s 20 participants placed over 48 opinion pieces publishing in media outlets including the Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, PBS, and the Guardian. They also had 33 opinion pieces on radio or TV. The 2014 Public Voices Thought Leadership Program is made possible through a generous grant from the Kaleta A. Doolin Advised Fund at the Dallas Women’s Foundation. Financial backing was also provided by the History & Government Department and Student Life.

2014 Thought Leadership Participants

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