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LeAnn Boyce - "Unequal Justice: Discrimination by Gender in Capital Punishment"

LaToya Matthews Burns - "The Rwandan Genocide and How Belgian Colonization Ignited the Flam of Hatred"

Alexis Milmine - "Plagues, Paranoia and Cold War Blowback: the Continuing National Security Risk of the Soviet-United States Biological Arms Race"

Karen Milmine - "Is the Red Line Only Rhetoric?: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), Syria's Civil Ware, the United States' Foreign Policy and its Unintended Ramifications"

Kelly Payne - "Convict Leasing in the South: The Continued Enslavement of the African American People"

Peter Rupay - The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge, the Stock Market Crash of October, 1929, and Coolidge's Decision not to Run Again for President in 1928: Exploring a Plausible Linkage"

Rebecca Schaeffer - "A Big Man: Daniel Boone in the American Classroom"

Aubri Thurmons - "Under Two Flags: Rapprochement and the American Hospital Ship Maine"

Karen Webb - "Comparative Review between Federal Education and Prison Legislation through the 20th Century"


Sarah Middlebrook Armor - "Identifying the Moral Sense: Case Studies in Resistance to Tyranny"

Kristin Binyon - "The American Imperialsim: The United States Intervention in Nicaragua"

Travis Cooper - "Beyond East and West: Political Melancholy in the Works of Orhan Pamuk"

Jaclyn Hise - "Radical Women of Texas During the Great Depression: An Overview of Communism and Labor Union Activities"

Megan Johnson - "Myth of Warren Activism"

Tiffany L. Smith - "4F: The Forgotten Unfit of the Amerian Military During World War II"

Hollie Teague - "It's for Your Own Good: The Strange Relationship Between Progressivism and Authoritarianism"

Karen Webb - "Charlotte Hawkins Brown (1883-1961): The Adventurous Journeys of the Educator, Orator, and Writer


Annastagia Zachary - "The Evolution of the Religion Clauses: Politics and Legal Interpretation"

Michael Stewart - "'Stranger than Fiction': Anglo-American-German Relations and Rivalries through Invasion Literature: 1890-1914"

Mary Katheryn Fogle - "Through a Paper Looking Glass: Reality and Mythology in the Personal Identities of Pioneer Women, 1860-1930."

Karen Milmine "The Coup Between Rabbit and Tseg'sgin': A Historicgraphical Analysis of the Cherokee Perspective and Folklore During the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears"

Marvin Harris "Race-conscious or Colorblind: The Evolving Application of the Equal Protection Clause"

Phillip Pierce "Beyond the Apparatus: Karl Jaspers as Political Theorist"

Melba Chance "Thomas Shepard: from Nonconformist to Orthodoxy to Persecurtor; Shepard's Role in the Antinomian Controversy"

Greg Michna "Lost in Translation? Orthodoxy and Ontology in the Transatlantic World of the Jesuits"

Kenna Giffin "John W. 'Cherokee' Jordan: Soldier, Cattleman, Cleveland (OK) Founder, and Opportunist Extraordinaire"


Carla Cullum "The Earth Below My Feet:  The Navajo Fight for Cultural Linguistic Preservation"

Kristi R. Hunt "Standardized Testing: An Analysis and Its Impact on Texas Public School Students"

Michan Chowritmootoo "The Storyteller's Mirror: The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Reflected in Selected Works of Fiction."

Kevin Stinyard "Race Follows the American Flag: A Critique of the United States Foreign Policy during the Philippine-American War"

Monica Alfaro "Writing Oneself into Existence:  Four Literary Artists and Their Perspectives on Exile"

Bridgette Piatt "Texas Slave Women: Survival on the Texas Frontier"


Kevin L. Stinyard "'Teddy Roosevelt and his 'Race War': A Critique of Theodore Roosevelt and the Phillippine-American War"

Lindsey Harris "Are You Going to be My Daddy: A Man's Fight for Reproductive Rights and the Inequitability of Equal Protection"

Milan KC "Social Reform through Litigation: Understanding the Brown Decision"

Ivan Arteaga "The United States in Latin America: A Brief Overview of How the Gilded Age, Industrialization, and Imperialism Shaped Foreign Policy toward Latin America"

Mary Ann-Knoll Campbell "Discovering Women's History through Historic Preservation: Salvation of the Hann House Recaptures an Unknown History"

Lisa Bailey Mann "All in the Name of Manifest Destiny: Westward Expansion and the Final Removal of the Shawnee"

Talena Marie Jester Peel "Nuclear Energy: The Unseen Risk to National Security"


John Miller Pickett "Gilded Again:  Extreme Inequality in Our Time and Why We Never Learn"

Brittney Martin "Breaking the Color Barrier: The Desegregation of TWU"

Karen Recer  "Culture War"

Christina Wiley  "Preserving the Color Line"

Susette Dacy  "Revealing the Artistic Voice of Architect Sophia G. Hayden:  The Woman's Building and the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition"

Hollie Dawson  "Justice Sandra Day O'Conner:  Her Decision to Retire and Its Impact on Her Opinions"

DeAnna Taylor  "The Societal Ramifications of Non-Custodial Parents Failure to Comply with Court Ordered Child Support"

Michan Chowritmootoo  "So Their Remains May Rest:  Cherokee Death Rituals and Repatriation"

Celina Vasquez  "Latina/o Immigrants - Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Education"

Teresa Sitton Pierce  "Cultural and Economic Conditions of Denton County from 1900 to 1945 as Illustrated Through the Experiences of the Josph Hector and Pearly Ann Peacock Family"

Pamela Tutt  "Financing of Public Education in the State of Texas"

Melodie Pickett  "American Federalism: A Limited Review of the Full Faith and Credit Clause and Equal Protection Provisions of the 5th and 14th Amendments as Related to Same-sex Unions"

Noelle Depperschmidt  "Circling the Square:  The CCC in North Central Texas"

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