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  • Karen Wulfkuhle, Legal Studies Intern and Deborah Boone, Attorney, Machand & Moraine, LLPStudents may earn up to 12 hours of academic credit through internships, 6 of which may be applied to one's major. The other 6 hours may be used as electives. 
  • Departmental approval is required to register an internship. Students may arrange their own internships or contact the internship coordinator for their major for information on positions available through the department. 
  • Interns may receive compensation, but many of the positions available through the department are uncompensated.
  • In order to receive 3 credit hours, students must work 120 hours during the semester; for 6 credit hours, 240 hours.  This translates to roughly one full day of work per week for the former, and two full days of work per week for the latter.


  • Texas Historical Commission
    Available Summer 2012 internships for upper class History majors who are US citizens of African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian or Native American/Hawaiian/Alaskan heritage. General Information for Applicants (.pdf)  
  • Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum
  • Woman's Collection in the TWU library working in the WASP papers and University Archives

To see if these or other History internship opportunities are available, please contact:

Dr. Landdeck
CFO 610
(940) 898-2140

Government, Legal Studies, or Criminal Justice

Start with the following steps:

  1. Download the general Government Internship Form, fill it out, and email it to Dr. Parker Hevron at
  2. In your email, please include your 1) major, 2) expected graduation date, 3) general internship interests, and 4) a time at which you are available to meet with Dr. Hevron in person.
  3. Please also include an updated resume in your email (don't worry - it doesn't have to be perfect!).

Please click here to view possible Government internships, here to view possible Legal Studies internships, or here to view possible Criminal Justice internships.


You must contact Dr. Hevron by the following dates to pursue an internship during a specific semester:
        For internships during the Fall semester, the deadline is July 1
For internships during the Spring Semester, the deadline is October 1
For internships during the Summer semester, the deadline is April 1

Registration Instructions:

  1. Send Dr. Hevron the Information Form and include all relevant information in your email.
  2. Meet with Dr. Hevron to discuss your internship interests.
  3. Email Dr. Hevron for registration code.
  4. Once you have the registration code and are ready to register, log in to WebAdvisor, click 'Express Registration' and enter the course code.
  5. Once you have successfully registered, you will be automatically added to the course's Blackboard page, where you will find the syllabus and information regarding assignments and due dates.


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