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A Student History Journal
Volume 7
Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Title Page

Foreword to the 7th Volume

Meet the Eta Nu Chapter, 2013-14

Members of the Editorial Board, 2013-2014

Introduction to the 7th Volume

Contributors to the 7th Volume 


Valentine J. Belfiglio Prize Winners
Awarded by the Student Editorial Board, the Valentine J. Belfiglio Paper Prize recognizes the finest papers submitted to the journal in the calendar year.  Typically, awarded to two papers, this award is a highly coveted prize.  Named for Cornaro Professor of Government, Valentine J. Belfiglio, the award honors Dr. Belfiglio’s commitment to academic writing and scholarly excellence. 

Title IX: Bringing Academics Up to Par
By Jane Hardman Flynn 

Courtship at Seventeen: The Construction of Dissenting Feminine and Masculine Roles from 1955-1965
By Aiesha McFadden

Northeast Texas Regional Conference Prize Winners
Held on the campus of Texas Woman’s University, the 2014 Northeast Texas Regional Phi Alpha Theta History Conference brought together more than 110 participants from 27 different colleges and universities.  The conference featured 73 paper presentations, a plenary address by Phi Alpha Theta Executive Director Graydon Tunstall, and a special performance of Early American shape note singing. As at all Phi Alpha Theta regional conferences, awards were presented to the top undergraduate and graduate papers.  For the first time in its history, Ibid. is featuring a small selection of top-winning papers from the regional conference. 

Deep Ellum: Deep Texas Blues
By Cameron Shields  

Justice, Southern Style: The Kidnap and Murder of Mack Charles Parker
By Zacharie Barber

Living History Community College Essay Contest Winners
In 2014, the Eta Nu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta partnered with local Community Colleges to launch the Living History Essay Contest. Featured in introductory history courses across North Texas, this contest asked Community College students to interview a friend or family member and to write an essay describing how their subject experienced a specific event or moment in modern American history.  Two winners, selected by the editorial board, received cash prizes, recognition at the annual History & Government banquet, and publication in this journal.

An Old Ship and Sailor
By MeLisa Haynes 

“It Was Like a Christmas Tree:” Inside Civil Defense during the Kennedy Assassination
By Carlos Sebastian Lopez 

Ibid., Volume 7 Essays

From Dust to Man to Son of God: the Juxtaposition of the Philosophies of Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola and John Calvin Regarding the State of Man
By Rene Garofalo

Enlightened Sinner or Hopeless Heathen: Typology and the Role of Native Americans in Puritan Literature and Theology
By Alexis M. Milmine

African Jezebel: Myth Formation and Stereotypes of Black Female Promiscuity within the Context of the Colonial Caribbean Islands
By Tomasz G. Granowski

The Coup Between Rabbit and Tseg’sgin’: An Analysis of the Cherokee Perspective and the Role of Folklore During the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears
By Karen L. Milmine

An Olive Branch in Appalachia: The Integration of the Banjo into 19th Century American Folk Music
By Sean Peters

Finding a Home: Hungarian Cistercian Refugee’s Journey to Irving, Texas
By Ryan Bigney

Civil Defense in Holy Matrimony: Complications and Implications of Gender Roles in Ladies Home Journal, 1954-1960
By Amanda Roberts

Forum: Modern Art History
Ibid. is delighted to feature the work of art historians Alicia Berdan and Alexandra Cassar in its inaugural “Forum” department.  Berdan and Cassar’s complementary essays do much to further our understanding of the artistic process, and indeed the development of important sub genres of modern art, in the early twentieth century.

Albert Gleizes: Cubism and Futurism
By Alicia Berdan 

The Bull and the Horse: Looking at Two of Guernica’s Figures in the Context of Picasso’s Art
By Alexandra Cassar

Trends in Historiography

Romance and Writing: Interpreting the Lyric Domnas of Occitania
By Aubri E. Thurmond 

Trends in Pedagogy

Re-writing the Social Studies Curriculum in Texas: Religion, Politics, & Eurocentrism in the World History Standards
By Kaitlyn Waynen 

Book Reviews

Daniel James Brown,  The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
By Ryan Bigney 

Bill Bryson,  One Summer: America, 1927
By Ryan Bigney 


New Members, 2013 - 2014

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