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Ibid: a student history journal volume nine 2016 

A Student History Journal
Volume 9
Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Title Page


Forward to the 9th Volume

Meet the Eta Nu Chapter 2015-2016

A Photo Collage of Chapter Events

Members of the Editorial Board, 2015-2016

Introduction to the 9th Volume

Contributors to the 9th Volume


Valentine J. Belfiglio Prize Winners
Awarded by the Student Editorial Board, the Valentine J. Belfiglio Paper Prize recognizes the finest papers submitted to the journal in the calendar year.  Typically, awarded to two papers, this award is a highly coveted prize.  Named for Cornaro Professor of Government, Valentine J. Belfiglio, the award honors Dr. Belfiglio’s commitment to academic writing and scholarly excellence.

Building the New Deal: Federal Construction on College Campuses in 1930’s Texas
By Kaitlyn Waynen  

The 1950s Cold War Housewife and Tupperware: A Vehicle for her Individual and Socioeconomic Change
By Leah Stanton



Living History Community College Essay Contest Winners
In 2016, the Eta Nu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta sponsored the Living History Essay Contest for Community College students.  Featured in introductory history courses across North Texas, this contest asked Community College students to interview a friend or family member and to write an essay describing how their subject experienced a specific event or moment in modern American history.  Four winners, selected by the editorial board, received cash prizes, recognition at the annual History & Government banquet, and publication in this journal.

Ellen Dibler: A Life of Impossibilities
By Sandy Davis

Wise Words from Grandma

By Robert G. Peterson

A Second Chance
By Melanie Melesio

An Interview from the Pacific: Documenting a Disappearing Generation
By Sarah Young



Forum:  Material Culture
Using lists of household possessions contained in probate inventories, these essays expand our understanding of everyday life in colonial America

A Study of Colonial Life through Probate Inventories
By Valeria M. Estrada

Checking the Record: An Analysis of 17th century Probate Inventories from the Plymouth and Port Royal Colonies
By Excellsie Morgan

The Experience of Gentility in Colonial America

By Stephanie Zwinggi



Ibid., Volume 9 Essays
The History and Importance of the Roman Bath
By Haley Mowdy

National Anxiety and Religion: Transitional Captivity Narratives from the Post-Revolutionary U.S.
By Amanda Roberts

Caspar David Friedrich and the 20th Century
By Alicia Berdan

Carlos Marcello and the Sicilian Mafia in the U.S.
By Cynthia Butler

Left Off the Podium: President Jimmy Carter, the United States Olympic Committee, and the Boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, Russia
By Lacey LeBleu



Forum: Texas History
For the first time in its 9 year history, Ibid. is delighted to feature a section of essays on the diverse history of our state.

Flood Waters, Thirst, and Drowning Mccurley’s Prairie: A History of Lewisville Lake
By Julie Stowe Mathews

Hernandez v. Texas: The Fight for Mexican-American Rights
By Lucas Enrique Espinoza and Luis Enrique Espinoza




New Members, 2015-2016

Call for Papers

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