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A Student History Journal
Volume 8
Spring 2015

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Forword to the 8th Volume

Meet the Eta Nu Chapter, 2014-15

Members of the Editorial Board, 2014-15

Introduction to the 8th Volume

Contributors to the 8th Volume



Valentine J. Belfiglio Prize Winners
Awarded by the Student Editorial Board, the Valentine J. Belfiglio Paper Prize recognizes the finest papers submitted to the journal in the calendar year.  Typically, awarded to two papers, this award is a highly coveted prize.  Named for Cornaro Professor of Government, Valentine J. Belfiglio, the award honors Dr. Belfiglio’s commitment to academic writing and scholarly excellence. 

Licking Polio: The Role of the Mass Public in Developing the Vaccine that Would Change the World
By Jillion Crawford-Becker

Windsor Castle: The Evolution of an English Fortress and its 21st Century Cultural Significance
By Leah Stanton


Living History Community College Essay Contest Winners
In 2015, the Eta Nu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta sponsored the Living History Essay Contest for Community College students. Featured in introductory history courses across North Texas, this contest asked Community College students to interview a friend or family member and to write an essay describing how their subject experienced a specific event or moment in modern American history.  Three winners, selected by the editorial board, received cash prizes, recognition at the annual History & Government banquet, and publication in this journal.

My First Trip Away from my Mom
By Ruby Aguilar  

A Child with No Childhood
By Esmeralda Aguilar

The Day the World Mourned
By Danielle Hammond

Ibid., Volume 8 Essays

The MFAA in World War II
By Amanda Romero

The Effectiveness of the War Refugee Board in Holocaust Relief
By Megan Martin

True Detective: A Case for Neo-Noir
By Alicia Berdan

Trends in Historiography

The Contributions of Samuel Adams to the American Revolution: A Historiographic Analysis
By Karen Perkins

The Treachery of Charles Lee
By Paul J. Burrow  

Nat Turner and his Rebellion
By Devin C. Parhms  

The Causes of WWI
By Patrick Alessandra  

Herbert Hoover A Fallen Hero? Various Perspectives on Underlying Forces for Hoover’s Attitudes, Decisions, and Behaviors
By Katerina Kvapilova

The Decision to Drop the Bomb
By Abbie Carrier  

The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb
By Melissa G. Thiel

The Cuban Missile Crisis
By Samantha Thornton


New Members, 2014-2015

Call for Papers

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