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I.                  Core Curriculum Requirements

II.                Other Requirements:

BA – 12 hours same foreign language
BA and BS - One additional English literature course at the 2000 level 

III.               TWU Requirement

Global Perspectives – 6 hours

IV.              Requirements for major in Government with an emphasis in  Politics:

GOV 3303       The American Legislative Process
GOV 4073       Constitutional Law: Government Structure
GOV 4613       Comparative Government: Western Europe
GOV 4633       Comparative Government: Africa and Asia
GOV 4833       Introduction to Political Science
GOV 4933       Senior Seminar
Plus 3 hours in advanced American Government:
GOV 3053       The American Presidency
GOV 3063       Women in Politics
GOV 4113       Public Administration
Plus 3 hours in Political Thought:
GOV 3723       Modern Political Thought
GOV 3513       Japanese Culture and Politics
Plus 3 hours in International Politics:

GOV 4523       American Foreign Policy
GOV 4533       International Relations
GOV 4553       Modern Nationalism

Plus 9 more hours in Government

V.               Electives to bring the total number of hours to 120


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