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I.                  Core Curriculum Requirements

II.                 Other Requirements:

BA – 12 hours same foreign language
BA and BS – one additional English literature course at the 2000 level

III.               TWU Requirement
                    Global Perspectives - 6 hours

IV.               Requirements for major in Government with an emphasis in Legal Studies

GOV 3153       Legal Environment
GOV 3303       The American Legislative Process
GOV 3393       Law for Women
GOV 4093       Constitutional Rights and Criminal Justice
GOV 4813       Seminar in Public Policy
GOV 4933       Senior Seminar

Plus 3 hours of Government from:

GOV 2213       Introduction to Criminal Justice
GOV 2223       Criminal Investigation
GOV 3063       Women in Politics
GOV 3123       Legal Research
GOV 3213       Business and Legal Ethics
GOV 3233       Police Policy and Practices
GOV 3243       Criminal Law
GOV 3253       Criminal Evidence and Procedure
GOV 3413       Estate Planning
GOV 4133       Women in Leadership
GOV 4013       Alternative Dispute Resolution
GOV 4083       Constitutional Law: Individual Rights
GOV 4203       Civil Trial Practice and Litigation
GOV 4433       Family Law
GOV 4453       Real Estate Law

Plus 3 hours of Government from:
GOV 3053       The American Presidency
GOV 3133       Legal Research II
GOV 3513       Japanese Culture and Politics
GOV 3723       Modern Political Thought
GOV 3733       American Political Thought
GOV 4073       Constitutional Law: Governmental Structure
GOV 4523       American Foreign Policy
GOV 4533       International Relations
GOV 4553       Modern Nationalism
GOV 4603       Legal Studies Internship
GOV 4606       Legal Studies Internship
GOV 4613       Comparative Government:  Western Europe
GOV 4633       Comparative Government:  Africa and Asia
GOV 4833       Introduction to Political Science
Plus any 6 hours of Government electives

V.              Electives to bring the total number of hours to 120

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