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The master's and doctoral degree programs in the Department of Health Studies at Texas Woman's University prepare graduates for leadership positions in the disciplines of health education and health promotion.

Masters of Science in Health Studies Program - The Masters of Science in Health Studies prepares students to become health educators in a variety of settings such as a student health services department on a university or community college campus, corporate wellness department to a county department of health. Three tracks are offered within the program, Non-Thesis Track (39 hours), Thesis Track (42 hours), and a Focal in Dental Hygiene (36 hours) for those who possess a Dental Hygienist certification, a completed bachelors, and would like to obtain their graduate degree and possibly teach within a Dental Hygiene program. All three tracks are completed 100% online.

Dual Masters of Science/Masters of Library Science Program - The Masters of Science in Health Studies and Masters of Library Science dual degree program prepares professionals for leadership roles in health education and health promotion and; in information professions and specialists in private and public agencies. The program requires 42 hours of combined course work delivered 100% online.

Doctoral Degree Program - The Doctoral in Health Studies program prepares graduates to be effective health education leaders, researchers, and scholars in the profession. Students will gain knowledge and skills to assess the health needs and interests of individuals, groups, and communities in relation to cultural, ethnic, and demographic factors, plan, implement and evaluate health education and health promotion programs. The program is completed in a cohort system that starts every fall semester with courses delivered in hybrid, traditional face to face and online format. The program requires 96 hours of total course work; 57 hours of completed courses work and 39 hours being transferred from a conferred Master’s degree. Students can choose form three focal areas, Higher Education, Population Health or Environmental Health. This program is not an online program.

How to Apply

The application deadline for the Ph.D. program has been extended to MARCH 1, 2015

1.  Apply to the university. Once this application has been completed the TWU Graduate School will forward your information to the Health Studies department.

2.  Apply to the MASTER'S PROGRAM by submitting the following information directly to the Health Studies department.

      Apply to the Ph.D. PROGRAM by submitting the following information directly to the Health Studies department.


Hobert Kilgore III, Academic Advisor for Graduate Students 

Non-Degree Seeking (NDS)

Want to try out a class while you apply?  Try enrolling as Non-Degree Seeking (NDS), which allows you to:

  • Apply to the university. There is no guarantee of admission to the Health Studies program
  • Take up to twelve (12) hours of Health Studies courses to determine if it's the right program for you
  • Select "NDS "taking courses in Health Studies" on the applicaton form
  • This form of admission to the university is ineligible for financial aid.

Consult with:

Hobert Kilgore IIIAcademic Advisor for Graduate Students


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