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Dr. Gay James 

  • Research Interests:  High risk areas (alcohol/tobacco/HIV, etc.); School health; Worksite health
  • Target Populations/Demographic: Adolescents; Adults
  • Research Methodology: Mixed-methods

Active Research:  Dr. Gay James, Professor of Health Studies, conducts research with school professionals in health and physical education focusing on role modeling and self-perceptions of weight and body mass index (BMI).

Dr. Marilyn Massey-Stokes

  • Research Interests:  Child & adolescent health; Body image & eating disorder prevention; Obesity prevention; Health literacy; Health communication and health promotion for deaf adolescents; Women's health
  • Target Populations/Demographics:  Children and adolescents; Deaf adolescents; Women
  • Research Methodology: Mixed-methods

Active Research: Dr. Marilyn Massey-Stokes, Associate Professor of Health Studies, is collaborating with Dr. Mandy Golman and the Elisa Project (Dallas) on implementing and evaluating the Healthy Body Image curriculum with elementary school-aged students in Dallas. She also is working with Drs. Chad Smith and Ann Lieberth (TWU, Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders) on a project with a two-fold purpose: (1) examine where deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescent females obtain health information; and (2) set up an online repository of quality health information specifically designed for that population. In addition, Dr. Massey-Stokes is working on a grant proposal that involves developing and piloting a survey for teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents. The survey is intended to measure the extent to which health education is being taught in schools that serve this special population.

Scholarship/Creative Achievements

Dr. Thomas Coyle

Dr. Thomas Coyle
  • Research Interests:  Professional preparation (health educators); Health literary (young adults); Preparedness (lay persons)
  • Target Populations/Demographics: Health educators; Young adults
  • Research Methodology:  Mixed-methods

Dr. Katie Crosslin

  • Research Interests:  Violence prevention; Acculturation in Hispanics and effects on health; Medically underserved populations; Chronic diseases/quality of life 
  • Research Methodology: Quantitative; Mixed-methods

Active Research: Dr. Katie Crosslin, Assistant Professor of Health Studies, is conducting a qualitative study examining how immigrant Mexican women perceive medicines/household cleaners as dangerous to children, what they consider to be meds/cleaners, and where they store these chemicals, which is assessed by a home visit. In addition, she is looking at cyberbullying among college students to assess the prevalence and identify relationships between self-esteem and cyberbullying victim/bully behaviors.

Dr. Kimberly A. Parker

  • Research Interests:  HIV/AIDS; Sexual behaviors that influence STI transmission; Minority health; Women's health
  • Target Populations/Demographics:  Minority populations; African American men and women; Women
  • Research Methodology:  Qualitative; Mixed-methods; Needs assessments; Evaluation research
  • Theoretical Framework:  Feminist Theory; thematic coding; grounded theory, phenomenology, qualitative research theories

Dr. Kimberly A. Parker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Studies. She is also an Affiliate Professor for the Department of Women's Studies. Dr. Parker conducts qualitative and mixed-methods research which examines sexual behaviors that influence STI and HIV transmission among diverse populations. She currently serves as the Principle Investigator for the "Lend Us Your Voice" Project, a qualitative study which examines the lived experience of HIV positive African American women in the South. Her other research projects include examining variables to assess the likelihood of using pre-exposure prophylactics (PrEP) to prevent HIV transmission, and evaluating "Hope in Our Soul" and" Dose of Hope," interventions that target faith based organizations to increase minority participation in biomedical prevention research. Dr. Parker's past research includes serving as the qualitative researcher/evaluator for the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) ISIS 064 grant in the Atlanta-Metropolitan area, a two year prospective study to estimate the overall HIV type 1 incidence rates among women at risk for HIV acquisition. She was also the qualitative evaluator for a Phase I clinical trial to assess safety, tolerability, and product acceptability of a vaginal mircobicide gel (UC781) being studied to prevent HIV transmission. 

Dr. Parker earned a BS in Psychology and a MA in Rehabilitation Counseling from South Carolina State University, and an MPH in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior from the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina. She also earned a PhD in Health Promotion and Behavior from the College of Public Health at the University of Georgia. Additionally, she earned a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies while at UGA. Dr. Parker has written several articles and book chapters about HIV/AIDS and its impact among African Americans, and has written for the Dallas Morning News as a guest columnist. Dr. Parker is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) and her research interest includes social sexual factors that influence HIV transmission in African Americans, reproductive and sexual health, women's health, and health disparities. 

Dr. Jody Terrell

  • Research Interests: Environmental health; Queen conch and coral reefs
  • Target Populations/Demographics:  Marine Biology; Community; Aviation; Population Health 
  • Research Methodology: Qualitative; Mixed-methods 

Active Research:  Dr. Jody A.C. Terrell, Assistant Professor of Health Studies, conducts qualitative and scientific marine research involving the coral reefs in Belize, Central America.  Dr. Terrell is currently setting up a Queen Conch Research Refuge Ranch at the Belize Barrier Reef. This research has a threefold purpose:  1) marine environmental education; 2) protection of the queen conch from fishing practices; and 3) teaching sustainable measurements to help an endangered species in the Caribbean area gain sustainability. Every summer, Dr. Terrell takes undergraduate and graduate students to Belize to pursue active research learning in a real world situation. 

Her other interests include environmental compliance and auditing, environmental diseases and health issues, stress management and risk management.

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